Mark Phelan: What's wrong with 'America's Import' 11-10-2014
I wish Chrysler nothing but success, but Iím already fed up with the empty braggadocio of its new advertising campaign.
Auto review: Volkswagen's 2015 Passat brings new features, with variety of engine options 11-10-2014
For 2015, there are a couple of changes/additions to the Volkswagen Passat line, a midsize front-wheel-drive sedan with full-size feel.
Motoring Q&A: Honda not likely to recall Civic's wiper motors now 11-10-2014
Q: Our problem is with the windshield wipers on our 2007 Honda Civic. Theyíve recently developed a problem ó stopping and starting at different times and quitting any time, sometimes in the middle of the windshield.
Under the Hood: Engine cylinder bank issue no easy fix 11-10-2014
Q: My check-engine light came on this week. My neighbor used a scanner to read a code P0171. What could cause this? 
Auto review: Plenty riding on shoulders of Lexus NX 200t and Lincoln MKC crossovers 11-10-2014
Lexus and Lincoln, the moneyed offshoots of Toyota and Ford, are the latest automakers to enter the hotly contested compact crossover segment.
Auto review: 2015 Toyota Camry gets sharper steering, new looks 11-10-2014
Toyota just made the biggest mid-course correction in the history of Americaís best-selling car. The 2015 Toyota Camry (I give it three out of four stars) gets sharper steering, new looks and interior upgrades to keep pace with other midsize sedans.
Auto Review: Mainstream Subaru Legacy has hidden charms 11-03-2014
As quirky Subaru knows, eccentrics can easily stumble into the murky mainstream. It just happens, kind of like 40th birthdays. One day you wear a tiny earring and Doc Martens to work and the next, a Brooks Brothers suit and Capital One haircut.
Mark Phelan: Detroit 3 need to fix their troubled small cars 11-03-2014
Stop me if youíve hear this one before: Small cars dragged the Detroit 3 down in Consumer Reports magazineís survey of new vehicle reliability.
Motoring Q&A: Malibu's rattle could be from cracked heat shield 11-03-2014
Q: I have a 2008 Chevy Malibu with 72,000 miles. Last week I heard a rattle on the driverís side, the same side where the exhaust pipe is located.
Under the Hood: Yes, drain that extra motor oil immediately 11-03-2014
Q: Do car mufflers need to have proper back pressure to keep exhaust valves from burning up? (Exhaust rushing too fast through valves).
Auto review: 2015 Acura TLX is comfortable, competent and quiet 11-03-2014
Honda may build some of the most popular and competitive cars in the country, but that doesnít mean its Acura formalwear division has the same mojo.
Mark Phelan: Toyota Yaris adds French flair for 2015 10-27-2014
Ooh, la-la. Toyota has added European flair to the 2015 Yaris subcompact, responding to customers who wanted the little car to grow a little more chic.
Motoring Q&A: Flushing brake fluid after 20,000 miles highly recommended 10-27-2014
Q: Is it necessary to flush the brake fluid after 20,000 miles, as my Mercedes dealer recommends?
Auto review: Lamborghini's new Huracan is mature, refined - yet still rebellious 10-27-2014
Lamborghinis can be called many things ó brutish, temperamental, sexy, subtle as a Sherman tank in a school zone.

Auto review: Remarkable new Impala continues to turn heads, win awards, draw consumers 10-27-2014
Chevroletís redesigned Impala full-size sedan continues to wow consumers a year after its introduction as a 2014, and it returns for 2015 with a couple of new features, including automatic stop-start for the 2.5-liter engine.
Under the Hood: Bad vibration problem needs second set of eyes 10-27-2014
Q: Hello, I wanted to know what could be causing this vibration I feel when Iím driving. When Iím driving on the highway at 60 mph or faster, my wheel is very shaky.
Mark Phelan: On the road with car of the year nominees 10-20-2014
I drove four vehicles for the first time at the North American Car and Truck of the Year jurorsí comparison drive this week: The 2015 Ford Mustang 2.3L four-cylinder; Acura TLX V6 with all-wheel-drive, Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4Matic and Chevrolet Colorado 4X4 V6 midsize pickup.
Motoring Q&A: Interior, paint maintenance a snap 10-20-2014
Q: My C5 Corvette has the "Service ABS system" and "Service Traction Control" lights on in the DIC. It has 43,000 miles on it and these lights are now on full time.
Auto review: More than a bargain, 2015 Genesis now a real contender 10-20-2014
What Hyundai did for the redesigned 2015 Genesis sedan was give it a bolder front end, firmer and sportier ride and an all-wheel-drive option. 
Under the Hood: Why you may (may not) want directional tires 10-20-2014
Q: I just found out my car has directional tires. What are the benefits? I donít like that they canít be rotated.
Motoring Q&A: Check engine light can't reset itself 10-13-2014
Q: We have 184,000 miles on our 2005 Chrysler Town & Country van with 3.8-liter engine. The other day my wife drove it down the block and didnít notice the red path of oil on the road.
Mark Phelan: French luxury car brand DS eyes US sales 10-13-2014
Some of the most intriguing news at last weekís Paris Motor Show came when Peugeot executive Yves Bonnefont acknowledged the obvious: The automaker needs to sell its vehicle in the United States.
Under the Hood: Master technicians show their stuff at Honda competition 10-13-2014
This week I was fortunate to be invited to serve as one of 10 judges for Hondaís Northern California zone TOPTECH competition.

Auto review: 2015 Honda Fit is still different - and mostly good 10-13-2014
Wacky, wispy Honda Fits make Minis seem substantial. They raucously celebrate small, proudly wearing wedgy little bodies that vaguely resemble George Jetsonís slippers.
Auto review: For all its hype, Ford's all-new F-150 is still just a truck 10-13-2014
Do not approach Fordís all-new F-150 truck expecting a revolution. For all the hype about the lightweight aluminum body, and the promises of groundbreaking efficiency and hauling capabilities, the 2015 model is still just a truck.
Auto review: Stylish Cadillac ATS coupe an alluring ride 10-13-2014
The 2015 Cadillac ATS coupe (I give it three out of four stars) makes enthusiastic driving irresistibly easy. Its sharp handling, sticky tires and suspension beg you to take each corner just a little faster. 
Auto review: All-new Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon add vigor to mid-size truck segment 10-06-2014
For nearly a decade, automakers have all but ignored mid-size trucks, issuing few new models ó or even updates ó and expecting few sales. They focused instead on high-volume full-size trucks and all sizes of SUVs and crossovers.
Mark Phelan: Paris preview focuses on smaller cars and crossovers 10-06-2014
Car show season begins with a flood of unveilings at the Paris Motor Show this week. The show, which opens to the public Saturday, will feature inexpensive minicars, luxury models and far-out concepts.
Under the Hood: Cooling system malfunction requires immediate attention 10-06-2014
Q: I hope you can help me. My carís temperature gauge will occasionally go up more than normal. During the past several months Iíve added water to the radiator because it was low.
Auto review: Honda CR-V gets a tuneup
Since 2004, Honda has sold more than 2.3 million of its easygoing CR-V crossover sport utility vehicle, and most of those years ó including this one ó it has been the top-selling SUV in the U.S.
Auto review: 2015 Escalade gets a new suit, keeps the attitude 10-06-2014
Sturgill Simpson poured from the 16 Bose speakers in my new Escalade, probably leaving twangy furrows in its fine wool carpet.
Larry Printz: 10 American cars that matter most 09-29-2014
It would not be a fallacy to say that most Americans are ignorant when it comes to history. When it comes to automotive history, itís even worse.






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