Auto review: Range Rover Sport improves performance, handling 04-07-2014
Reports of Land Roverís death were greatly exaggerated. The SUV brand Ford struggled to sell just a few years ago has become one of the auto industryís most desirable names.
Larry Printz: What's horsepower without torque? 04-07-2014
For most readers, understanding horsepower is easy; the bigger the number, the faster you go. Torque, however, is a figure that underlies horsepower. 
Motoring Q&A: Seat belt chime warns driver unnecessarily 04-07-2014
QUESTION: I really appreciated your response to the non-seat belt wearer. I wear my seat belt all the time, but a number of months ago the driverís side seat belt light/warning chime in my 2006 Pontiac G6 started going off while the seat belt is buckled. 
Under the Hood: Modern, 'clean' diesel a far cry from older systems 04-07-2014
QUESTION: I just read your recent column on automotive emissions. You didnít mention diesel particulate emissions, and I wish you had. It seems hard to find info on the current performance of diesels.
Auto review: Ford Fiesta's tiny engine is not shrinking violet 04-07-2014
Ford is getting a lot of mileage out of its Fiesta. For the past year, the Detroit automaker has been rolling out the 2014 update of its popular subcompact in dribs and drabs: starting with its 38 mpg S last summer, followed by its street-legal rallycrosser.
Auto review: 'Cheap' cars aren't always worthwhile 04-07-2014
Cars cost a lot of money. With an average sales price of about $32,000, we know a new car is out of reach for many.
Mark Phelan: 200 a glimpse into the Fiat Chrysler operation 03-31-2014
Itíll be months before we learn whether the 2015 Chrysler 200 midsize sedan is the sales hit the automaker hopes for, but what we already know sheds valuable light on how the newly created Fiat Chrysler Automobiles develops vehicles.
Motoring Q&A: Driver who doesn't wear his seatbelt is asking for trouble 03-31-2014
QUESTION: I have an í07 GMC Sierra 1500 with 80,000 miles. The other day my radio went off for no reason and I also noticed that my seatbelt warning light was not on as well (I donít wear my seatbelt).
Auto Review: Kia Soul has surprising style; Fiat 500L a near-disaster 03-31-2014
Kiaís redesigned Soul and Fiatís all-new 500L are the latest models in the quirky "toaster" class of sub-compact cars.
Under the Hood: Hot brakes might not be a problem 03-31-2014
QUESTION: I have a problem with the front brakes on my 2008 Chevrolet Silverado getting really hot. 
Auto Review: Ford Fusion Hybrid combines brains, beauty 03-31-2014
As a general rule, gas-electric hybrid cars and trucks are not fun; their very nature precludes it. Hybrids are made to maximize conservation at the expense of stimulation. 
Auto review: BMW 2 Series is tightly tuned, but a tight fight 03-31-2014
Athletically, the number 2 connotes a loser, a sad runner-up. But commercially, the number has had an unusual upside.
Auto review: Toyota Highlander has plenty of room - for Muppets 03-24-2014
Maybe the Muppets werenít such a good idea. Toyota, for those who missed the Super Bowl ad, has enlisted the help of Jim Hensonís finest to sell its all-new Highlander SUV.
Mark Phelan: Timing makes all the difference for Jaguar Land Rover's new US boss 03-24-2014
Joe Eberhardt understands the value of timing. After a successful career with Mercedes-Benz, he reached Chrysler at exactly the wrong time as DaimlerChrysler collapsed and then-owner Cerberus Capital Management was overwhelmed.
Motoring Q&A: Driver wonders if antilock brakes are all that effective 03-24-2014
QUESTION: I have two cars with ABS ó a 1999 Buick Regal and 2013 Toyota Corolla. I am wondering if ABS is really the best way for stopping on an icy road. 
Under the Hood: A primer on automotive emissions 03-24-2014
QUESTION: Iíve heard you refer many times to the emissions produced by automobiles. Could you please elaborate on them? What emissions are produced, and what I can do to reduce them?
Auto review: 640i xDrive Gran Coupe adds crisp twist to BMW 6-series 03-24-2014
How many ways are there to make a BLT sandwich? How many different varieties of lettuce do you have to offer? I
Auto review: Audi Q7 hauls 7 in luxury 03-24-2014
Audiís Q7 is a performance SUV with quattro permanent all-wheel drive and a third-row seat to haul up to seven passengers.

Motoring Q&A: If brake account is accurate, dealer dropped the ball 03-17-2014
QUESTION: I have a 2003 Buick Rendezvous. After the dealer did a brake job, the red "brake" warning light on the dash came on, along with an audible alarm.
Mark Phelan: Automakers again find ways to keep rain, snow from pouring in 03-17-2014
Todayís cars can park themselves, connect to your smartphone and warn about traffic in your blind spot, so why canít they keep snow and rain from pouring onto your head when you open the door?
Auto review: Honda Odyssey brings a lot of bang for your buck 03-17-2014
At what age do you finally realize that youíre no longer young? Is it when you no longer recognize a song in the Top 10? Is it when you enjoy a bit of peace and quiet?
Auto review: Slick handling, sharp design in Mazda3 03-17-2014
The idea that bad things happen in threes is embedded in our cultural psyche. But hold on a minute. Consider that Mazda has unveiled its third-generation of the Mazda3 for 2014.
Auto review: Lexus RX350 lives up to its history of luxury 03-17-2014
Lexus introduced the first luxury crossover, the RX 300, in 1998 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Under the Hood: Mixing oils won't hurt some engines
QUESTION: Is using two types of oil in my engine harmful? I have a 2009 Subaru Forrester XT with 68,000 miles. 
Motoring Q&A: Buick shows classic symptoms of vapor lock 03-10-2014
QUESTION: Here is a problem that I have fought for almost two years. My 2001 Buick Regal will not start after a shutdown and heat soak. 
Auto review: Underwhelming Mercedes-Benz compact falls short on refinement 03-10-2014
Based on the serving-platter-sized badge in the grille, Mercedes-Benz doesnít want there to be any question about whether the 2014 CLA250 compact sedan is a "true" Mercedes.
Auto review: Kia K900 piles on luxury 03-10-2014
The 2015 Kia K900 is South Koreaís version of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Itís a display of automotive breeding that takes the most expensive luxury sedan from its Hyundai sister company ó the Equus ó and tweaks it for an even more value-oriented buyer.
Under the Hood: Fiat 500e surprisingly close to perfect 03-10-2014
I thought it might be a good time to provide feedback at 5,000 miles on my electric car experiment. In October I leased an all-electric Fiat 500e, as the cost of the lease was less than I was spending each month on gasoline to drive my conventional vehicle.
Auto review: Encore aims to get young buyers in the Buick habit 03-10-2014
Buickís no longer the car just for the gray-haired set ó the brand has been revitalized and aimed at a much-younger audience, especially with models such as the compact Verano sedan and our test vehicle for the week, the small Encore crossover.
Auto Review: Subaru lifts WRX, STI up a grade 03-03-2014
They are the bad boys of Subaruís lineup. Offsetting the brandís crunchy mindset, the WRX and WRX STI pocket rockets have worked hard to bring some tire-smoking street cred to a brand that otherwise markets its vehicles with love and puppies.
Auto review: GMC Sierra Denali near the top of its class 03-03-2014
I didnít exactly smirk, but I could certainly have been more sympathetic as I sailed past the cars, semis and SUVs buried in snow alongside Interstate 94 as I drove from Detroit to Chicago following a winter storm.
Larry Printz: Life-saving V2V system could come standard, but not cheap 03-03-2014
In early February, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it will begin taking steps to enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication for cars and light-duty trucks.
Mark Phelan: Ways to ease chill of winter on mpg 03-03-2014
Cold weather can reduce your fuel economy drastically, but there are ways to mitigate the impact.
Motoring Q&A: Volvo needs 20 minutes of highway driving to warm up 03-03-2014
QUESTION: I have an issue with my car warming up slowly when the temperature gets down around 0 degrees F.



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