Being a Ferrari is like being a superstar entertainer or an elite athlete. If you do everything perfectly, no one really notices. But have one bad day and you’re a bum, and the rumors start that your career is in trouble.

Under the Hood: Truck won’t crank, and a tow will be costly 05-13-2019
Q: My 2008 Silverado diesel won’t crank. I’ve charged up the batteries and tightened the cables but still not even a click. 
Motormouth: Turbocharged or non-, that is the question 05-13-2019
Q: I have a four-cylinder 2.5-liter, 2012 Nissan Altima. I drive to Florida twice a year because we don’t fly. Now, looking for a new full-size car, I see that the dealer offers a 1.5-liter turbo, but we load the car up on our trips and drive mountainous roads.






Motormouth: At first sign of steering wheel wobble, fix the damper 01-20-2020
Q: I purchased a used 2019 Ford pickup with 11,000 miles on it. As I was driving on I-80 at 70 mph, suddenly the front end started to vibrate. 
Under the Hood: Adjusting low-beam headlights 01-20-2020
Q: We have a 2017 Nissan Altima and are trying to figure out how to adjust the low beams. We replaced the entire headlight assembly on our 2007 Toyota Highlander and were able to adjust the beams without a special tool. 
Auto review: To know the 2020 Alfa-Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio is to love it 01-20-2020
In 2017, after decades of self-imposed exile, Alfa-Romeo returned to America, to the delight of stateside driving enthusiasts. After all, to know Alfa-Romeo is to love it.
Auto review: Genesis begets the G70, a new smaller sporty sedan 01-20-2020
2020 Genesis G70: A new small luxury sedan. Will it rival its big brothers for value? Price: $48,995 as tested. The Elite Package added low-beam assist, sunroof, and more for $1,750; the Prestige Package added around-view monitor, head-up display, and more for $2,500.
Auto review: Subcompact Mazda CX-30 rocks 01-20-2020
Mazda shoppers might be understandably confused these days. The charming ads — the ones where the kid whispered “ZOOM ZOOM” at the end — have been replaced by a generic “Feel Alive” lifestyle campaign that might as well be selling you tennis shoes.
Under the Hood: Careful when altering truck’s power outlet 01-13-2020
Q: I’m incredibly frustrated with the power outlet in my 2016 F-150. It can only operate tiny things such as a phone or a laptop charger, but it blinks and fails to operate my cordless multitool battery charger or a small air compressor. Can it be upgraded or replaced with something more capable?
Auto review: GMC updates the Sierra HD for 2020, including latest high-end Denali model 01-13-2020
GMC’s Sierra 2500 HD (heavy duty) is a capable work truck with a heart of comfort and luxury. The next generation 2500 Sierra Denali for 2020 comes in four-wheel-drive Crew Cab with a six-foot, nine-inch standard bed or an available eight-foot bed.
Auto review: Kia puts even more joy in the Soul for 2020 01-13-2020
Now, with the turbocharged engine and 7-speed transmission of the GT-Line, though, the Soul takes improvements to new heights.
Auto review: The 2020 Honda Passport’s excellence shines through its benign demeanor 01-13-2020
Appearance no longer seems to matter much. We live in an era where torn jeans are considered fashionable and a glamourous room is one decorated with rotted old barn wood and rusty metal tables. 
Motormouth: Clean windshield with microfiber pad 01-06-2020
Q: Do you know of a way to clean the inside front windshield as well as the inside of the back window without contorting your body?
Under the Hood: Troubleshooting a faulty power window 01-06-2020
Q: The driver’s window in my 2015 Accord has begun to clunk and rock oddly as it’s raised and lowered. It’s mostly noticeable when it’s first opened
Lexus NX300 AWD: An end-of-year tiny crossover competition 01-06-2020
2019/2020 Lexus NX300 AWD: So, you want to pay a lot for a little bit of crossover. Price: $50,063 as tested. With a base price of $37,785, options included (deep breath) the $4,705 Luxury Package, which added 18-inch tires.
Auto review: Nissan’s Armada offers luxury and utility in a big family vehicle with room for 8 01-06-2020
For 2020, the Nissan Armada continues its legacy as a true family adventure-ready vehicle, offering comfortable seating for up to eight and flexible cargo space for their stuff.
Auto review: The 2020 Cadillac XT6 is good, but not nearly good enough 01-06-2020
It happened at the media preview of the 2019 Los Angeles International Auto Show at the Cadillac stand. 
Motormouth: How driving can reset the ‘check engine’ light 12-30-2019
Q: We have a 2011 Chrysler 200 Limited with about 23,500 miles. When we took it in for the emissions test, the test apparatus could not communicate with the sensors.
Larry Printz: Choosing my favorite rides of 2019 12-30-2019
After a year of driving some of the finest cars in the world — and more than a few mediocre ones — it’s the time of the year to summarize my favorite rides. 
Do modern Dodge muscle cars capture the magic of 50 years ago? 12-30-2019
A stab of the throttle, and the rear tires break loose. A little more gas — really, just a little more — and you’re sideways.
Auto review: 2020 Toyota Highlander channels Camry’s spirit in a three-row SUV 12-30-2019
SAN ANTONIO — The 2020 Toyota Highlander channels the spirit of the Camry midsize sedan as Toyota shifts its focus from cars to SUVs. 
Motormouth: Brighter headlights for Versa shouldn’t be a problem 12-23-2019
Q: I’ve never had good night vision and have always replaced my standard headlight bulbs with brighter ones. I recently took my 2016 Nissan Versa to the dealer for service and asked about replacement bulbs. The tech told me that it couldn’t be done because it would short out the battery.
Under the Hood: A mechanic’s view of the Range Rover 12-23-2019
For a change of pace this week, I thought I’d give you a mechanic’s view of a new vehicle. I was fortunate this past week to get a chance to drive the 2019 Range Rover Sport HSE P400e Plug-in Hybrid under a variety of on-road conditions. This was my first time exploring a 5400 pound sport utility hybrid.
Auto review: Fiat 500X is a yabba dabba doo time 12-23-2019
2020 Fiat 500X: A Fiat for Fred Flintstone? Price: $32,755 as tested. The Advanced Driver Assistance Group added all manner of safety features for $1,495; the Driver Assistance Group added park assist for $895; more listed throughout.
Auto review: With the 2020 Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition, Nissan looks to recapture its youth 12-23-2019
It’s not unusual to look back at our youth and wish we were young again. Certainly, someone at Nissan is feeling the pull of nostalgia, at least when it comes to the Pathfinder. 
Infiniti quickens the pulse with all-season Q60 looker 12-23-2019
DETROIT — The Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 is another mouthful of luxury alphanumeric badging that will make your brain hurt. Just remember that Q60 rhymes with “cue sexy.”
Under the Hood: The magic of rain-sensing wipers, explained 12-16-2019
Q: How do rain-sensing wipers work? I love mine — it’s like magic! — Susan A: In most of these systems, a rain sensor is located on the inside the windshield behind the rear view mirror. 
Mark Phelan: The new 2021 Chevy Suburban and Tahoe: 4 questions I have to ask 12-16-2019
The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban SUVs are packed with new features, but they also carry a heavy load of questions. The old models were America’s best-selling big SUVs by a wide margin, with a commanding 45% share of the market.
Auto review: At 56 years old, Porsche’s 2020 911 sports car is spry as ever 12-16-2019
Porsche’s 2020 911 Carrera 4S is so quick and capable that it seemed like only a racetrack could demonstrate its true capabilities.
Auto review: 2020 Hyundai Kona Ultimate: Its spirit trumps economy 12-16-2019
The Hyundai Kona enters its third year for 2020 and it’s flush with the usual attributes: low-end pricing, good fuel economy and Hyundai’s popular 10-year powertrain warranty.
Auto review: Decisions, decisions: Which Aston Martin Vantage to buy? 12-16-2019
AUSTIN, Texas — Few people will agonize over which Aston Martin to buy, me included. But a weekend behind the wheel of a Vantage just as Aston Martin’s team raced to a podium finish in Formula One last month is enough to make you want one.
Motormouth: Heading off valve buildup in Subaru Forester 12-09-2019
Q: I own a 2019 Subaru Forester. It has a direct injection engine. DI appears almost unavoidable now. I am very happy with my new Forester but am wondering whether there is anything I can do to ward off the valve buildup that seems to be inherent with this design.
Mark Phelan: Lincoln’s remaining sedans are doomed — but a new model could help brand 12-09-2019
What does Ford Motor Co.’s decision to stop selling sedans in the United States mean to Lincoln’s cars? Nothing good. But, honestly, does it matter?
Larry Printz: The least popular car in America is practical and affordable. So why isn’t it selling? 12-09-2019
Gym class can be the most traumatizing experience for those who don’t like participatory sports. Inevitably, if you’re not a particularly gifted athlete, you will be taunted or, even worse, chosen last for the junior high dodgeball team, a truly nasty game.



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