Being a Ferrari is like being a superstar entertainer or an elite athlete. If you do everything perfectly, no one really notices. But have one bad day and you’re a bum, and the rumors start that your career is in trouble.

Under the Hood: Truck won’t crank, and a tow will be costly 05-13-2019
Q: My 2008 Silverado diesel won’t crank. I’ve charged up the batteries and tightened the cables but still not even a click. 
Motormouth: Turbocharged or non-, that is the question 05-13-2019
Q: I have a four-cylinder 2.5-liter, 2012 Nissan Altima. I drive to Florida twice a year because we don’t fly. Now, looking for a new full-size car, I see that the dealer offers a 1.5-liter turbo, but we load the car up on our trips and drive mountainous roads.






Under the Hood: Stalling vehicle needs good tech to diagnose 07-08-2019
Q: I have a 2008 Chrysler Pacifica with 140,000 miles. I have made many trips to the dealership about one thing or another.
Mark Phelan: Lee Iacocca gave people what they wanted, whether they knew it or not 07-08-2019
“If you can find a better car — buy it!” Equal parts bravado and marketing genius, that pugnacious challenge in TV commercials defined Lee Iacocca.
Motormouth: If automaker requires a part, it must pay for it 07-08-2019
Q: In a recent column, you stated that if a company demands you use their oil filter, they have to provide it for free. Can you explain that more? I have a Subaru and have been purchasing their oil filters for my Forester. I’m seeing dollar signs now.
Auto review: New Jaguar XE, but for 2020, it’s well worth considering 07-08-2019
If you haven’t noticed the Jaguar XE, the company’s compact sports sedan, you can be forgiven. After all, its predecessor, the 2001-09 Jaguar X-Type, tried way too hard to hide its humble Ford origins with a retro design that made the car look as if had been left in the dryer too long.
Auto review: 2019 Edge ST gets edgier, packs more punch 07-08-2019
The Ford Edge has gotten edgier for 2019. The Edge has become the first crossover SUV in the Blue Oval group to wear the ST (Sport Technology) badge, featuring enhanced performance and sporty styling.
Payne: New Ford Explorer reaches further — at a price 07-08-2019
Ford Explorer, you had me at ST. I’m a big believer in “halo” cars, those goosebump-inducing, chart-topping performance variants that speak volumes about a car model’s aspirations and engineering, and bring people into showrooms. 
Larry Printz: Summer’s here. Are you ready for your road trip? 07-01-2019
Starting round about Independence Day weekend, Americans begin an annual ritual. They pack the car, hit the road and unwind for a bit of rest and relaxation.
Motormouth: Why they call them suicide doors 07-01-2019
Q: Why are they called suicide doors? — E.W., Chicago A: I have heard some theories as to how they got their name. One is that the door could fly open and the passenger, trying to grab the door, would be blown out of the car and into traffic.
Under the Hood: When you want a car built like a tank 07-01-2019
Q: I am a single woman in my mid-70s, and I still drive my 1992 Volvo 240 sedan, although I can’t find an affordable mechanic, which makes me very uneasy.
Auto review: 2019 Lexus ES 350 is just a touchpad away from perfection 07-01-2019
2019 Lexus ES 350 F Sport: Could it BE any more refined? Price: $57,768 as tested ($44,135 for the F Sport trim level). $1,065 for blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic detection; $1,515 for triple beam LED headlights; $500 for the head-up display; $550 for the hands-free trunk. More mentioned below.
Auto review: Here’s how the 2020 Chevy Silverado pickup’s quiet, powerful diesel is like a BMW 07-01-2019
REDMOND, Ore. — A powerful and refined diesel headlines new features on the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup, as General Motors’ best-selling brand looks to change perceptions that its full-size pickup is an also-ran compared to Fiat Chrysler’s Ram models.
Auto review: Porsche’s 2019 Cayenne Turbo can haul your groceries from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds 07-01-2019
Porsche’s revised Cayenne Turbo pushes the vehicle further toward track-car territory and away from the soccer mom scene.
Motormouth: Why you shouldn’t top off your tank 06-24-2019
Q: My 2005 Dodge V-6 Caravan (106,000 miles) suddenly refused gas with the pump constantly kicking off, as if full. Checking the internet, I found the problem was a carbon pollution canister above the gas tank.
Auto review: With new RWD architecture, Ford Explorer puts its best foot forward 06-24-2019
NEW YORK — It’s raining at New York’s LaGuardia Airport as I write this, and it’s led to massive delays for Delta Airlines. Nearly five hours after I was scheduled to depart, I am still waiting to board, something that will allegedly happen four hours from now.
Auto review: The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is a beastly pickup truck that’s built to be battered  06-24-2019
With its 2020 Jeep Gladiator, Fiat Chrysler has delivered what amounts to a four-door Jeep Wrangler with a pickup truck stuck on its hind end.
Auto review: BMW 3-series wants its crown back 06-24-2019
Socialism is all the rage these days among Washington elites, but lucky for them their new BMW 3-series was born in the boiling shark tank of capitalism.
Under the Hood: Erratic temperature gauge could indicate thermostat problem 06-17-2019
Q: I’ve noticed an unusual behavior in my pickup when driving it first thing in the morning. The temperature gauge keeps climbing above the usual place (a little less than 200) to about 220, and then it returns to the normal place for the rest of the day. 
Motormouth: Subaru dealer might sort out battery problem 06-17-2019
Q: Recently a reader wrote in about their 2017 Subaru Forester and the battery dying. I work for a company that has dozens of these 2017 Foresters and we have had battery problems (and replaced them) on several of these vehicles. 
Auto review: Shhh! Don’t tell other automakers how good the 2019 Mazda CX-5 is; they’ll want to buy the company 06-17-2019
Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems that the government is a little too eager to let large companies to gobble up other large companies to the point where freedom of choice is an illusion.
Auto review: Think sedans are dead? Check out the new Civic 06-17-2019
While much of the automotive world is abandoning cars in favor of SUVs, Honda is increasing its stake in coupes and sedans by introducing a refreshed line of Civics and adding a Sport model to the family.
Flagship Arteon is the sexy VW hatchback 06-17-2019
Let’s hear it for art. Some of the country’s most recognizable art is in its downtowns: The elegant “Spirit of Detroit” in Motown. Calder’s “Flamingo” in Chicago. 
Under the Hood: Diagnosing car’s problem requires careful experimentation 06-10-2019
Q: My son has 2014 2.0 L Kia Forte. Sometimes it seems to buck/shudder or feel sluggish at certain speeds.  On the highway it’s fine. He has had full electronic analysis done on the car and has not found a solution or any codes or errors. 
Motormouth: Government has not adopted new rule for shatterproof car windows 06-10-2019
Q: I recently saw something online about a new federal standard requires all passenger compartment windows to be laminated shatterproof glass.
Mazda 3 hatch has the looks and moves 06-10-2019
In the middle of the New York auto show floor each year sits the exotic car stand featuring the latest from storied makes like Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti and Koenigsegg. It’s hard to notice anything else nearby.

Auto review: The 2019 Lexus UX 200 provides a mixed user experience 06-10-2019
Given the ease of accessing anything online from your smart phone, tablet or laptop, it’s easy to forget how long it once took to pay a bill.

Under the Hood: High performance engines require premium grade fuel 06-03-2019
Q: I have a 2015 Infinity Q70. I use premium gas. Do I have to? Is it recommended or is it a marketing trick to pay more? I have always driven Infinitis and have paid for premium. Is it worth it?
Motormouth: Can we expect more cars with easy in/easy out ‘suicide’ doors? 06-03-2019
Q: I parked next to what looked like a new Rolls Royce. The sedan had four extra wide doors; the back two were suicide doors. I am 74 and love the easy in/easy out these doors offer.
Auto review: Eclipsed by its superior competitors, this 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross proves substandard 06-03-2019
If you remember big hair, Duran Duran and Members Only jackets, odds are you remember Japanese sports coupes. 
Toyota’s new Supra is fast, furious and ‘fordable 06-03-2019
The 2020 Toyota Supra may never have happened without Hollywood. Three years after the last-generation Supra had been discontinued, the 2001 action film “The Fast and the Furious” cast the car as Paul Walker’s tire-burning co-star. 
Auto review: 2019 Honda Passport SUV brings the steak, not much sizzle 06-03-2019
“You can complain about vanilla styling, but vanilla is the best-selling flavor of ice cream,” an exasperated auto executive once snapped at the 10th question about his midsize sedan’s unexciting appearance.
Under the Hood: Troubleshooting speedometer problem 05-27-2019
Q: I’m having a problem with intermittent reading on the speedometer of my 2000 Nissan Frontier. Sometimes it reads correctly or jumps around to different readings or no reading. There are no code readings stating bad speed sensor. Should I just replace speed sensor or check other things first?
Motormouth: Adding stuff to windshield washer fluid: Good idea or not? 05-27-2019
Q: In some cars that I have used, borrowed or rented, the windshield washer fluid seems slightly sudsy. Do you know of a difference in windshield washer formulation that would cause this? It seems to me that this fluid works a little better.



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