Auto review: GMC Yukon Denali SUV's a dinosaur with plenty of roar 07-07-2014
By now, lumbering dinosaurs like full-size SUVs should be part of the primordial goo coursing through hissing oil refineries in Baytown.
Mark Phelan: Tips on saving gas for summer driving season 07-07-2014
As the summer driving season begins in earnest, keeping an eye on your fuel economy can put dollars in your pocket.
Under the Hood: Buick's cruise control is none too steady 07-07-2014
QUESTION: The cruise control is intermittent on my 1998 Buick Regal LS, which has 130,000 miles. Outside temperature seems to determine if it operates. It works OK if the temperature is below about 75 degrees. In the mid-80s, there is no control. This started shortly after the coolant change at 100,000 miles.
Auto review: Corvette, and its mileage, better than ever 07-07-2014
Yes, I could lose my motor-press credentials for this. Respect and reputation are at stake here.
Mark Phelan: GM must show it knows what it's doing 06-30-2014
For the sake of GM’s customers, dealers, employees and the company’s future, the automaker must convince the American public it knows what it’s doing before a string of safety recall pulls it under.
Motoring Q&A: RAV4's whining noise baffles 3 mechanics 06-30-2014
QUESTION: I hope you can help us find out what is causing a loud whining on our 2013 Toyota RAV4.
Under the Hood: Stopping corrosion on battery post 06-30-2014
QUESTION: Could you explain why my 2011 Lincoln MKZ battery post develops green corrosion on the positive post?
Auto review: Harley-Davison LiveWire could give industry a jolt 06-30-2014
The Harley-Davidson LiveWire took almost everyone by surprise. After 111 years of making increasingly large, gas-powered two-wheelers, Harley was about the last mainstream motorcycle maker anyone expected to come out with a plug-in electric, even if it is just a concept.

Auto review:  Buick LaCrosse leads GM's campaign to attract younger buyers 06-30-2014
While Chevrolet and Cadillac have charged forward to help lead General Motors’ post-bankruptcy revival, Buick has undergone a renaissance as well, an effort that has worked to bring a younger clientele into the premium brand.

Auto review: Audi A3 is more exciting than it looks
No Audi ever seared my synapses like the raucously exotic R8 roadster, a shrieking 10-cylinder dazzler.
Mark Phelan: Alan Mulally could turn around the VA 06-23-2014
Alan Mulally should be the next secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Motoring Q&A: Three approaches for dealing with emergency 06-23-2014
QUESTION: I read a recent article discussing GM’s problems with their faulty ignition switch. You have given the advice in the past to turn off the ignition if the throttle sticks. 
Auto review: GMC Sierra HD ready for Herculean tasks 06-23-2014
If you have a small mountain to move, you may well be drawn to heavy-duty pickups. The four-star 2015 GMC Sierra HD 4WD Double Cab may well be your tool, or augmentation, of choice.
Under the Hood: One problem after another with Mercury 06-23-2014
QUESTION: I have a 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis with 51,600 miles. I had the oil changed per regular maintenance. 
Mark Phelan: Auto-bred technology firm Covisint branches out 06-16-2014
Covisint, the Detroit-based Internet company that was born in the irrational exuberance of the 1990s tech boom, may finally be coming of age.
Auto review: Nissan sounds sweet Note 06-16-2014
The redesigned Nissan subcompact hatchback, now called the Versa Note, arrived for 2014, two years after the corresponding Versa sedan model got its remake.
Motoring Q&A: Should 2 new tires go on front or rear? 06-16-2014
QUESTION: I have a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0-liter with 36,000 miles. It has the Brembo brake package and Goodyear F1 tires on it.
Under the Hood: Quick as a flash, your car's been updated 06-16-2014
QUESTION: I just called my dealer to make an appointment for my transmission, which shifts a bit oddly sometimes. 
Auto review: Ford C-Max Energi plugs into hybrid trend 06-16-2014
Ford introduced the C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid in 2013 in addition to the C-Max Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid.
Auto review: Chevrolet SS tries to keep its power a secret 06-16-2014
Silver sedans tend to disappear in the suburbs, melting into well-tended, wide-open gray pavement. Somebody call True Detective.
Mark Phelan: The old GM still haunts Mary Barra, Mark Reuss
The unfolding horror of the ignition switch crisis is a bitter pill for engineers and  GM lifers like CEO Mary Barra and global product chief Mark Reuss, who chafed under the old cost-driven culture that created so many mediocre and poor vehicles. 
Auto review: No compromises on luxury with Mercedes-Benz B-Class electric 06-09-2014
The second automaker from the land of wienerschnitzel and doppelbock will soon offer an EV for the kale-and-kombucha crowd.
Under the Hood: Preparing for road trip to Alaskan wilds 06-09-2014
We’re off on another lengthy road trip to Alaska from California. My wife Julie and I have made the trip twice previously, and it provides spectacular scenery, wildlife viewing, a history lesson, and some high adventure.
Auto review: Chrysler 200 S V-6 a fine addition to midsize sedan sector 06-09-2014
Chrysler gets into the midsize sedan game for 2015 with the sleek and enjoyable 200 sedan.
Auto review: BMW 435i a high-priced delight 06-09-2014
Deciphering BMWs used to be an easy proposition: There was the compact 3-Series and midsize 5-Series sedans, the 6-Series coupe and full-size 7-Series sedan. SUVs get an X before their name.
Mark Phelan: Line blurring between luxury and mainstream
A pair of unexpected automakers had a very good day when the editors of Ward’s Auto World magazine honored the best new automotive interiors in Dearborn last week.
Motoring Q&A: Where there's white smoke... 06-02-2014
Question: I own a 2003 Honda Accord. In April a large amount of white smoke came out of the front of the car when I started it. It has happened three more times, coming from the rear of the car.
Under the Hood: Seeking source of surprise jolt 06-02-2014
Question: I was checking the transmission fluid on my truck and darn! I got a really strong shock from something. 
Auto review: Dodge Charger SRRT8 will blast you into the past 06-02-2014
Maybe the guy in the blue floral dress at the sushi bar last weekend kind of spun you around — the one out for dinner with his dazzling wife.
Auto Review: GM looks for the Cadillac Escalade to return to glory days of previous
There was a time when the Cadillac Escalade was synonymous with hip-hop bling. Unfortunately for General Motors, that time was the early 2000s, when the Escalade enjoyed an unusual demographic overlap.

Motoring Q&A: More light on sunroof problem 05-27-2014
Question: The sunroof on my 2005 Suburban will not close. I turned on the ignition switch to lower the windows and open the sunroof to air out the interior a couple of weekends ago.
Mark Phelan: Diesel catching on, despite price fluctuations
Diesel powered vehicles are becoming more popular with American drivers, but wild fluctuations in the fuel’s price could scare some buyers off, despite the fact that a diesel engine can cut their fuel consumption 20 percent or more.
K900 shows Kia offers value, even at $66,000 05-27-2014
Before you scoff at the idea of Kia’s all-new $66,000 K900 full-size sedan, remember Lexus. Twenty-five years ago, it was absurd to think that a Japanese brand could build a high-end vehicle to challenge German luxury car leaders Mercedes, BMW and Audi.
Auto review: Honda spreads its wings with latest cycle 05-27-2014
Honda’s RV of a motorcycle is breeding. Last year, the Japanese manufacturer spun off a stripped-down version of its legendary Gold Wing touring bike — the F6B. 
Auto review: Dodge Challenger SRT8 Core brings all performance features at lower price 05-27-2014
One of the most-fun aspects of my job is getting to test cars that turn heads wherever they go and are lots of fun to drive, even though I might not ever have the opportunity to own one of them.
Mark Phelan: New technologies make driving safer for seniors, easier for everyone 05-19-2014
From radar sensors that beep when there’s a car in your blind spot to cars that literally drive themselves, new technologies promise to make driving safer for older drivers and easier for everyone.
Motoring Q&A: Diminutive driver's hubby worries about her safety 05-19-2014
Question: My wife is 5 feet 2 and has a driving posture that places her about 12 inches from the steering wheel of her 2010 Subaru Forester, even with the pedal extenders I have installed. 
Auto Review: Hyundai's latest Tucson - agile, frugal, and versatile 05-19-2014
Hyundai entered the small SUV market in 2004 with the first Tucson, which was last redesigned for 2010 with more technology, more room for passengers and cargo, and better fuel economy.
Under the Hood: A lug nut mystery 05-19-2014
Question: Three weeks ago I brought my 2001 Camry to a shop to get the brakes checked because the squeaking was annoying. 
Auto Review: Dodge Durango: Same name, nicer ride 05-19-2014
After spending a week in the latest version of the Dodge Durango, I would urge Dodge to give it a new name. It doesn’t have the best history.nd trucks are getting so old that people have no choice but to replace them.




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