Mark Phelan: Cadillac moves, but doesnít get anywhere 11-12-2018
Cadillacís been on the move for the last few years. Not its sales or image. The brandís physical address keeps changing, with little to show for it.
Larry Printz: Volvoís new plant in South Carolina was almost built In Virginia 45 years ago 11-12-2018
In June, Volvo announced the opening of its first U.S. manufacturing plant in Charleston, S.C., joining the companyís two manufacturing plants and engine plant in Europe, three car factories and engine plant in China, and assembly plants in India and Malaysia.
Motormouth: Channeling Porky Pig to end sap removal debate 11-12-2018
Q: A fast easy way to remove sap is Dawn dish soap ó original blue. It works really well and wonít scratch paint or windows.
Yukon XL Denali gets some upgrades for 2019, including 10-speed automatic 11-12-2018
The distinctive GMC Yukon XL Denali full-size SUV offers exclusive design, performance, and interior amenities, and receives a few minor changes for the 2019 model year.
All-new Subaru Ascent large crossover arrives for 2019, with room for up to 8 11-12-2018
Now available at Subaru dealerships is the all-new Ascent, a three-row crossover utility vehicle with seating for up to eight passengers. Itís the largest Subaru vehicle ever offered in the U.S.
Review: This is how Porsche says plug-in wagon: Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo 11-12-2018
Porsche uses a lot of words to introduce its first plug-in hybrid wagon: Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo. The method to the word madness is such: The Panamera is the full-size 2+2 sedan, but the wagon gets a fifth seat; 4 is all-wheel drive; E-Hybrid is plug-in hybrid with a modest if not meager 16-mile all-electric range; Sport Turismo is Porsche for wagon.
Nissan Rogue Sport review: Basic, simple, good enough 11-12-2018
The Nissan Rogue Sport is a simple vehicle in complex crossover times. Itís easy to get in and out of, easy to operate, easy to use the technology and easy to get along with in a simple yet unexciting way.

Mark Phelan: Swollen wheel nuts create danger and inconvenience on the road 11-05-2018
Jeff Majchrzakís voice was equal parts frustration and amusement. ďIíve got swollen lug nuts,Ē the retired Detroit firefighter said in his voicemail. ďSeriously. I donít know what to do.Ē
Larry Printz: Itís time to buy a convertible, even though itís fall 11-05-2018
Itís autumn, time to nab one of these great convertibles for less than $35,000. Does it seem like crazy is the new normal? 
Under the Hood: The mysterious wet bolt 11-05-2018
Q: The friends we travel with just had a shackle bolt fail on their fifth wheel trailer and it could have been pretty catastrophic.
Motormouth: Recommendations for drivers wary of tire wear 11-05-2018
Q: I have a 2008 Chevy Tahoe in AWD with 80,000 miles. Getting ready to put new tires on it; should I have the alignment checked? 
Larry Printz: Rest in peace: These cars wonít be returning for 2019 10-29-2018
Soon it will be Halloween, the time when automakers turn the page from one model year to another. Itís also when automobiles once touted as the latest and greatest die, passing into the history books either fondly remembered or ridiculed and reviled.
Under the Hood: Altima headlamps have a familiar problem 10-29-2018
Q: I own a 2014 Altima SV, and the low beam headlights are increasingly dim. My husband replaced the bulbs, but there was no change.
Motormouth: Wife uses parking brake, husband gets mad, Motormouth suggests second opinion 10-29-2018
Q: I am from the era when cars still had carburetors and was told that to avoid problems with my parking brake I need to use it ó use it or lose it. I got into the habit. I park my 2012 Chevy Malibu on a slight incline.
Auto review: Porscheís Panamera E-Hybrid isnít going to solve global warming. But itís a fast, nimble performer 10-29-2018
One of my wisecracking friends, always ready with a snarky remark, smirked as I drove up in the new Panamera E-Hybrid. ďCongratulations,Ē he said. ďYouíre reversing global climate change, one Porsche at a time, by driving a plug-in hybrid.Ē
Auto review: BMW X4 Sports Activity Coupe gets a redesign for its second generation 10-29-2018
The BMW X4 Sports Activity Coupe, launched in 2014, is all new for its second generation for 2019, with sportier proportions, a wider track, lower center of gravity, improved aerodynamics, and updated suspension settings.
Auto review: 2019 Acura MDX A Spec looks sporty but still acts like a 3-row crossover 10-29-2018
Life moves pretty fast. If you donít stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Acura seems to have channeled Ferris Buellerís sage advice in refreshing its best-selling MDX
Larry Printz: Feel that chill? Itís time to assess your ride 10-22-2018
The chill is on, and soon snow will be falling in most of America. Certainly, TV news anchors will be happy, for this gives them the chance to stand outside in a blizzard, where they will prattle on about something you could figure out by looking out the window. 
Motormouth: Garage door opener having problems? It could be from LED lights  10-22-2018
Q: I would like to thank your reader who told you about the garage door opener that did not work properly. I was facing the same problem.
Auto review: Massaging seats, air scarves and more push Mercedes E400 over the (drop) top 10-22-2018
I am a bald man. Convertibles are not good for bald men. Hats are. Yet I loved cruising around with the top down in the redesigned 2018 Mercedes E400 cabriolet.
Auto review: Cadillac luxury goes green with China-built CT6 Plug-In 10-22-2018
Cadillacís new CT6 Plug-In Hybrid is built in China? Well, no one should be too surprised, despite the fact the rest of the CT6 family comes from Detroit.
Auto review: When is a good electric car not a good car? Meet the 2018 Jaguar I-Pace 10-22-2018
Transcript of a hands-free phone call while testing a vehicle:
Me: Paul? You free? A: I have a minute before a conference call. M: I want to check what you think of the Jaguar I-Pace. Iím driving one, and I hate it so much I want to crash it into a wall.

Under the Hood: Heavy hauling requires picking suitable tires
Q: Iím considering new tires for my GMC 2500 and want to plan ahead for possible RV usage. This may be either a trailer, fifth wheel or large camper ó jury is still out. What advice do you have for me to consider regarding strength and sizes?
Motormouth: Suspected culprits identified in random car beeping 10-15-2018
Q: Regarding the random beeping of the 2014 Camry in your recent column, we had a similar problem. My wife drives a 2013 Mazda3. 
Auto review: More than a foul weather friend, the 2019 Subaru Forester is your new campsite 10-15-2018
ASHEVILLE, N.C. ó Suppose youíve been kicked out of your apartment because you canít pay the rent. Itís not unlikely given the federal minimum wage is a mere $7.25 an hour. 
Auto review: Hyundai Kona is not too bold, not too bland 10-15-2018
At first sight the all-new Hyundai Kona in lime green made me look twice to see if what I was seeing was really real. 
Auto review: 2019 Lincoln Nautilus boosts fuel economy, safety features 10-15-2018
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. ó Renamed, restyled and significantly improved, the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus will offer loads more standard safety equipment and significantly better fuel economy when it replaces the MKX midsize SUV in dealerships this October.
Under the Hood: Breaking in your brakes 10-08-2018
Q: I recently had brakes done on my Acura and was told by the service advisor to drive gently for the first hundred miles or so.
Motormouth: Skin cancer more likely to come from sun exposure in childhood than from panoramic sunroofs 10-08-2018
Q: I have been driving my Chevrolet Traverse with a panoramic sunroof for two years and have just had a basal cell carcinoma removed from the side of my nose.
Auto review: New yet familiar, Nissan offers an all-new Altima for 2019 10-08-2018
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. ó Much has been made of the fact that many Americans now drive some form of light truck. 



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