Motormouth: Grandma not the only one baffled by tire options 03-05-2018
Q: I have a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. The Oil Express guy says I need four new tires. Should I do some comparative shopping around for a good price?
Auto review: 2018 Jeep Wrangler is a rough rider, on and off the pavement 03-05-2018
The Jeep Wrangler is an American favorite and is the spiritual spine of the Jeep brand. Almost a quarter of all Jeeps sold last year were Wranglers.
Under the Hood: Solving a mysterious battery drain 03-05-2018
Q: My 2001 Jaguar Type S has a battery drain that no one has found the reason for. The fuses and relays in all three panels have been pulled one at a time, and the meter reads 0.77 to 0.79.
Auto review: Plug-in Cadillacs evolve with CT6 sedan 03-05-2018
Remember the ELR? You shouldnít. The CT6 full-size sedan, Cadillacís second go at a luxury plug-in hybrid, is an evolutionary leap over the short-lived ELR coupe.
Auto review: First drive: 2019 Buick Envision cuts prices up to $2,400, adds power 03-05-2018
ATLANTA ó Buickís popular Envision five-passenger compact SUV gets more power and lower prices for 2019.
Motormouth: Father knows best? Engineers know better 02-26-2018
Q: My elderly father thinks it is better to drive without a radiator pressure cap. He is worried the pressure can pop a coolant hose.
Auto review: A change of face canít hide the 2019 Jeep Cherokeeís off-road agility 02-26-2018
If you believe everything that you read, artificial intelligence will soon be our chauffeurs, eliminating the need for humans behind the wheel.
Under the Hood: Car mysteriously stalls, then starts 10 minutes later 02-26-2018
Q: I have 2001 Ford Taurus with a 3.0 Liter V6 engine. This car will suddenly quit running when Iím driving it.
Auto review: Whatís in a $63,000 Ford F-150? 02-26-2018
The 2018 Ford F-150 has just the right balance of capability, comfort and convenience to make you feel that what you want is what you need. That is the success story of Americaís best-selling vehicle for nearly four decades: to convince the market that want and need are the same.
2018 Smart ForTwo Electric: The worldís cutest convertible 02-19-2018
In past reviews, Iíve written about the sublime pleasure of driving around Los Angeles in a convertible on a warm, balmy night.
Now Iíve found a way to make it even more sublime: Add silence.
Motormouth: Heated floor mats? Why not? 02-19-2018
Q: Have you heard of heated car floor mats? My wife says she thinks they would be immensely popular. My search had netted nothing so far.
Mark Phelan: Fiat Chryslerís Mopar parts brand cranks up global sales muscle 02-19-2018
CHICAGO ó As demand grows for flashy customization of profitable vehicles including Jeeps and Ram trucks, Fiat Chryslerís Mopar parts business has morphed from its roots in the companyís muscle-car past to a pillar of the automakerís global operation.
Larry Printz: Meet Jaguarís future bestseller: the 2018 E-Pace 02-19-2018
Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons famously insisted that his products possess grace, pace and space, qualities that have long defined the brand, including its midsize luxury crossover, the F-Pace, which debuted in 2016.
Review: Golf SportWagen offers a sportier alternative to some small crossovers 02-19-2018
Since its introduction in 2015 replacing the Jetta wagon, the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, billed as a "sportier alternative to compact SUVs," has been a top choice for buyers who want a nimble, fun-to-drive vehicle with lots of space, versatility, comfort, and performance.
Auto review: Bolder style, performance for Acuraís TLX A-Spec 02-19-2018
Admittedly, itís a mouthful: the 2018 Acura TLX SH-AWD A-Spec.
The TLX marks the merger between the TL and TSX several years ago.
Under the Hood: Whatís up with Nissan Rogue heating problems 02-12-2018
Q. I have a 2015 Nissan Rogue, which I love. I also have no problems with my dealer in Dubuque. The heater went out on my Rogue on one of the coldest days of the year. 
Review: New generation of GMCís Terrain arrives with a diesel engine option 02-12-2018
GMCís Terrain compact crossover has moved into its second generation for 2018, with a roomier interior, lots of new technology and its first diesel engine, which was under the hood of our test vehicle.
Review: 2018 Hyundai Sonata competes on value 02-12-2018
New cars are special. Baked into that new car smell is a feeling of excitement. Why else would we pay thousands of dollars more for something that loses 10 percent of its value the first time we use it? 
Review: 2018 Buick Regal TourX sport wagon delivers room, style value 02-12-2018
DETROIT ó Thereís a freedom inherent in modest expectations. When not much is expected, nobody cares, or even notices, if you flout convention. 
Motormouth: Brake check: Aftermarket brake pads as good as automakerís, and cheaper 02-12-2018
Q: I have a 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe with 70,200 miles that is in need of brakes. My dealer says they use OEM brakes and rotors and I should pay the extra $300 for their service. 
Under the Hood: Corvetteís fluky starting is a tough nut to crack 02-05-2018
Q. I have an intermittent starting problem with my 1995 ZR1 Corvette thatís been unsolved for years. The car has 66,000 occasional miles on it and is kept in the garage. 
Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and Range Rover Velar: A tale of two rad road trips 02-05-2018
I had to do some traveling over the winter holiday break. So I arranged two test vehicles, for two stretches of road, to complete two journeys.
Nissan adds smaller Rogue Sport model to crossover lineup, starting at $21,420 02-05-2018
A new Rogue Sport joined the expanding Nissan SUV lineup for 2017, sharing design, utility and technology with the slightly larger Rogue, Nissanís best-selling vehicle in the United States.
Motormouth: Most SUVs are built more like cars than pickups, except Toyota 4Runner 02-05-2018
Q: I always enjoy reading the Rides section of the paper and particularly your Motormouth part. I noticed a question from P.O., Montgomery, Ill., asking if there are any truck-framed SUVs left in the market.
Chevy Traverse gets a makeover; still a great choice for a big family 02-05-2018
The Traverse, Chevroletís eight-passenger crossover, enters its second generation for 2018 with a complete restyling designed to make an already great vehicle even better.
Larry Printz: Five cutting edge new car features that arenít necessarily cutting edge 01-29-2018
Youíve bought a brand new car or truck and itís filled with the latest in high-tech equipment including an infotainment system, seat heaters, a starter button and a navigation system.
Auto review: Hits, misses and questions from the Detroit auto show 01-29-2018
DETROIT ó Hereís my perspective on what worked, what didnít and where the jury was out at the Detroit auto show: Hit: Mustang Bullitt
Nissanís Sentra NISMO sport sedan returns for 2018 with extra features 01-29-2018
Nissanís compact Sentra sedan, which got extensive updates two years ago and the addition of a NISMO motorsports version just last year, returns for 2018 with a few enhancements.



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