Mark Phelan: All-wheel drive goes mainstream as drivers seek security 03-16-2015
Four-wheel-drive, once restricted to trucks and niche brands like Subaru and Audi, has gone mainstream.
Motoring Q&A: Vehicle's two recommended PSI settings distinct, not a discrepancy 03-16-2015
Q: My mother has a 2011 Honda CR-V with 13,000 miles and original tires. She just got back home after two months away and her tire warning light came on. The tire says 44 pounds per square inch and the door jamb sticker says 30 psi.
Auto Review: 2015 Navigator has plenty to keep Lincoln fans happy 03-16-2015
While Fordís Lincoln luxury brand explores new market niches with the MKC compact SUV and strives to compete with BMW and Lexus with the sleek MKZ midsize sedan
Auto review: Infiniti shifts into a new world with the 2015 QX60 03-16-2015
The first time I rode in a continuously variable transmission, or CVT-driven car, it was with a Toyota engineer some 15 years ago.\
Under the Hood: Mileage aside, aged timing belt warrants replacement 03-16-2015
Q: I have a 2007 Acura MDX. It was purchased new, is serviced regularly and is never abused. It now has 53,000 miles on it
Mark Phelan: 10 new cars likely to become collector's classics 03-09-2015
The new cars most likely to become valued collectibles in the future include high-powered sports cars like the Chevrolet ZO6 and Dodge Challenger Hellcat and limited editions like the Mazda MX-5 Miata 25th Anniversary model, according to the experts at Hagerty Insurance, which specializes in collectible cars and boats.
Motoring Q&A: Guessing-game approach to car repair results in big bill 03-09-2015
Q: I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota that has a whirring nose that appears to be coming from the gas tank area. One mechanic diagnosed the problem as a bearing in the differential.
Auto review: 2015 Ford F-150 is one tough truck 03-09-2015
You can divide the vast number of new pickup truck buyers between two nameplates ó Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado.
Auto review: Finally, a four-wheeled feline with all-wheel drive 03-09-2015
There was a time when all cars used rear-wheel drive. When winter hit, drivers put sand in the trunk for extra weight and placed studded snow tires on the wheels for extra grip.
Under the Hood: Pesky lights could cost $1,000 to repair 03-09-2015
Q: I own a 2002 Buick LeSabre with just over 50,000 miles on it. Several weeks ago, three warning lights (brake, anti-lock brake system and traction control) started showing. After I drove a few miles, these lights would go off.
Auto Review: 2015 Nissan GT-R: Still vicious but slightly sweeter 03-02-2015
Even sitting silent in a warm, dry garage, the boulevard barbarian glared hard, oozing maroon-colored menace.
Motoring Q&A: Why am I burning through so many headlamps? 03-02-2015
Q: I have a 2006 Honda CR-V which I purchased new. I have replaced the driverís side headlamp eight times and the passenger side six times since purchase.
Mark Phelan: The story behind making the DeLorean prototype 03-02-2015
Nobody knew the DeLorean sports car would become a cultural touchstone ó and a famous failure ó when Visioneering Inc. in Fraser, Mich., began building the production prototype of the gull-winged, stainless steel two-seater in November 1979.
Auto review: Lexus IS lineup offers choice of horsepower, rear or all-wheel drive 03-02-2015
For 2015, the third-generation Lexus IS models continue to present an aggressive elegance with flowing dynamic bodylines.
Auto review: Winter fun with the 2015 BMW 435i xDrive Coupe 03-02-2015
If you havenít experienced the why of BMW or become one of its legions of fanatics, driving one of its sports cars ó even one with all-wheel drive, like this one ó in the dead of winter might not seem to be the best way to figure it all out.
Under the Hood: Mysteriously sinking brake pedal easily fixed 03-02-2015
Q: I have a 2001 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 that all of a sudden lost brake power. I came to a stop sign, and the brake pedal went half way down.
Auto review: 2015 Chevrolet Trax is a funky, fun, affordable crossover 02-23-2015
When you head out to the dealership to test drive new cars, itís critical to drive only the level of car you can afford. Take the 2015 Chevrolet Trax, for instance. 
Mark Phelan: Cheap gas no threat to high-mpg vehicles 02-23-2015
Despite the lowest gasoline prices in years, consumers still want vehicles with high fuel economy, executives from leading automakers said at the recent Chicago auto show.
Motoring Q&A: Time to replace struts, but worth the cost? 02-23-2015
Q: We have a 1999 Infiniti I30 with 122,000 miles that runs well but has one issue ó at highway speeds the car noticeably "jumps" or "skips" sideways slightly when going over big bumps. We have not replaced the struts or any other suspension components.
Under the Hood: What to do about squeaky brakes 02-23-2015
Q: My car has brakes that often squeal. My repair shop says they canít see any problems with the brakes and they canít duplicate the noise Iím hearing. Are the brakes sure to stop when needed? The noise is embarrassing and shouldnít be there.
Auto review: Redesigned and refined, Colorado now a handsome contender 02-23-2015
Itís unlikely many folks have missed the old Chevrolet midsize truck, the Colorado, since it was discontinued in the U.S. a couple years back. It was underpowered, inefficient and couldnít haul itself out of its own way.
Under the Hood: Ignition coil could be your culprit 02-16-2015
Q: About two years back my engine began to shudder and lose power at times. My trusted mechanic quickly determined the cause was a defective ignition coil and replaced it. 
Mark Phelan: Apple's CarPlay is worth the wait 02-16-2015
Iíve tested one of the first cars to use Appleís CarPlay and Android Auto ó briefly ó and Iíd say smartphone users will think it was worth the wait when cars with the systems hit the road at some point this year.
Under the Hood: Dim headlights probably causes by cloudy lenses, but just in case... 02-16-2015
Q: I believe my headlights have become dim and am wondering how to check if this is true. Both the high beams and low beams seem similarly affected.
Auto Review: With 2015 Sonata, Hyundai jumps ahead of its Japanese competitors 02-16-2015
If youíre still someone who hears the word "Hyundai" and thinks "cheap car," you will be blown away by the 2015 Sonata, one of Hyundaiís most important vehicles.
Auto review: Honda CR-V returns to top ranks with 2015 edition 02-16-2015
A new engine and transmission transform the 2015 Honda CR-V (I give it three out of four stars), returning the SUV to its accustomed place among the leaders. 
Auto review: Ford gets back in the oversize SUV business 02-16-2015
For a while, Ford found gold in every truck it touched. Fast-selling Explorers, Expeditions and F-150s kept the cash registers in Dearborn, Mich., spinning like Sinatraís slot machines in Lost Vegas.
Mark Phelan: Hyundai-Kia taps BMW exec to push performance 02-09-2015
Well, this makes a fella go Hmmm: Hyundai has hired the chief engineer from of BMWís legendary M Sport performance cars to make its vehicles more sporty and responsive.
Motoring Q&A: Faulty connection could be cause of HVAC headaches 02-09-2015
Q: I have a 2002 V-8 Dodge Durango. For the past five years we have been having issues with the HVAC four-speed blower control.
Auto review: Lexus RC 350 is a dash of excitement 02-09-2015
Itís easy to forget as you survey parking lots full of Camry sedans and Sienna minivans, but Toyota has pretty good credentials as a maker of sporty cars. Exhibits A & B: the powerful Supra and the delightful first-generation MR2.
Auto review: Infiniti QX70 midsize crossover offers cool looks, sporty driving experience 02-09-2015
Infinitiís stylish five-passenger crossover formerly known as the FX was renamed the QX70 just last year, and it continues for 2015 as one of the standouts in its class.
Under the Hood: Clamping down on brake dust 02-09-2015
Q: Why does my BMW make so much black dust on the wheels? Iíve seen this on other cars but itís not usually as bad as what Iíve noticed on other BMWs and some Mercedes. 






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