Auto review: Prime time Prius: Toyota offers a more practical plug-in 10-17-2016
Pity the poor Prius!
Toyota brought the ugly-duckling hybrid to market in 2000, and with a combination of smart technology and savvy marketing, it soon became the worldís best-selling hybrid.
Motoring Q&A: When is the best time to change oil in seasonal car? 10-17-2016
Q: Iím a snowbird. Each of my cars is driven only six months and garaged for six. I only put about 3,000 miles on each a year. Does it make any difference when I change the oil: start, middle or end of the driving season?
Mark Phelan: Alt-fuel vehicles aim to win mainstream buyers 10-17-2016
Oil prices are low, but interest in alternate energy and fuel efficient vehicles remains high.
From Chevrolet to Tesla, Toyota, Hyundai and Volkswagen, automakers around the world are intensifying development of vehicles that use less fuel and pollute less.
Auto review: 2017 Jaguar XE pounces on compact sport sedan segment 10-17-2016
When Ford sold Jaguar Land Rover to Indiaís Tata Motors in 2008, it seemed that Jaguar would fade out of the new millennium. 
Under the Hood: Air conditioner smells and a mysterious squeak 10-17-2016
Q: As usual, your recent column about how to freshen up a stinky air conditioning system was very informative. Iím curious, though, when using Lysol spray to disinfect a foul-smelling system, should I take out the cabin air filter?
Auto review: 2017 GMC Acadia Denali: A high-class, high-end SUV 10-17-2016
I was overcome by the most powerful sense of deja vu during my first half hour in the 2017 GMC Acadia AWD Denali. I knew Iíd never driven one ó I hadnít driven any GMC product since a Jimmy pick-up I owned in the 1970s ó but it felt eerily familiar.
Auto review: A truly grand touring sedan 10-10-2016
Cadillac has nailed it.
The 2017 CT6 3.0 TT Platinum, the General Motors subsidiaryís top-trim-level luxury grand touring sedan, is a sublime combination of power, performance and perks.
Auto review: 2017 Porsche 911 taps into all that is good 10-10-2016
Itís widely accepted that the Porsche 911 is the worldís most admired and accessible sports car. Turning heads since 1963, the road hugging coupe with curves in all the right places has pretty much remained its same iconic self on the outside, despite countless variations.
Motoring Q&A: Problem with power module, special fuse could be behind carís misbehavior 10-10-2016
Q: We own a 2006 PT Cruiser with a 2.4-liter engine. It has 50,000 miles on it. When we drive down the road, all the lights in the carís speedometer cluster come on. 
Under the Hood: A tricky fix for the ages 10-10-2016
Q: What is the most unusual problem you have ever run into? ó Jack K. A: The situation occurred many years ago when I was a shop foreman at a Pontiac dealership. We had just sold a gentleman a new Pontiac Bonneville that had buttons on the steering wheel to control the radio, CD tracks and so forth. 
Auto review: Capable Alltrack offers alternative to crossover boredom 10-03-2016
It seems like everyone drives a crossover these days. And while automakers advertise the vehicles with scenes of attractive millennials engaging in outdoor activities, itís more likely the average crossover driver is much like the average American: overweight and fearful of getting stuck on an icy road while commuting to their 9-to-5.
Motoring Q&A: Check your power steering pump 10-03-2016
Q: I have a 2006 Honda Accord V-6 with 158,000 miles. Iím now having a problem with the power steering. When I first start the car and turn the steering wheel left or right with the car not moving, itís fine. Each cycle after that, at rest or low speed, the steering wheel is more difficult to turn.
Mark Phelan: GM leads chase for vehicle of the year honors 10-03-2016
General Motors placed an industry-leading eight vehicles among the semifinalists for the North American Car, Truck and Utility vehicle of the year.
Under the Hood: What to do about a stinky air conditioning system 10-03-2016
Q: The air conditioning in our Equinox really stinks when I fire it up, though the smell does goes away after a few minutes. What can be done to fix this?
Auto review: 2016 BMW 340i fends off competition with better engine, sublime stick 10-03-2016
The Lake of the Ozarks winds through old oak forests and carves out limestone bluffs in endless rolling dells. 
Motoring Q&A: Home-brewed remedies for keeping your windshield clean 09-26-2016
Readers from around the country sent in tips, techniques and recipes for cleaning automotive glass. Here are several of the better ideas.
Auto review: Mazda has an all-new CX-9. Will anyone notice? 09-26-2016
Mazda makes great cars that are underappreciated in the U.S. market. With the exception of the Miata, cars made by this Japanese also-ran are generally not big winners here.
Mark Phelan: A failure, the Dodge Dart will die this month 09-26-2016
What went wrong with the Dodge Dart? Born with fanfare and optimism in June 2012, the compact sedan will die this month in virtual anonymity, a failure that never came close to meeting Fiat Chrysler Automobileís expectations.
Larry Printz: Itís officially autumn: Get your car ready for winter 09-26-2016
With autumnís arrival made official by the September equinox on Thursday, we know old man winter will be rearing his ugly head soon enough.
Under the Hood: Getting to know your gauges 09-26-2016
Q: With our help, our daughter just purchased her first car. Itís a bit different than our family car in that it uses a variety of gauges, rather than lights, to display key information.
Under the Hood: Staying charged for the long haul 09-19-2016
Q: In order to power a few 120-volt items while driving, we are using an inverter plugged into our vehicleís cigarette lighter socket.
Auto review: Rough and ready: Rugged Tacoma returns with new design, new power 09-19-2016
The midsize truck segment has been kicking up some serious gravel the past couple of years, so itís no surprise the class-leading Toyota Tacoma has revved its engine to keep stride.
Motoring Q&A: Donít worry: Car will ignore gear shift at high speed 09-19-2016
Q: I recently took a test drive in a 2011 Lexus RX350. Since this car did not have a navigation system, I asked about a backup camera. 
Mark Phelan: Shift to SUVs could benefit GM and Chrysler 09-19-2016
The classic American family car is on the ropes, and the timing couldnít be better for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Jeep. Ford could be out of step as the vehicle market increasingly dances to a tune played by crossover SUVs, though.
Auto review: 2017 Jaguar F-Pace crossover proves the wait was worth it 09-19-2016
We play a guessing game with guest passengers about the price of test cars before we look at the sticker. Usually the price is higher than our guestís estimate. Thatís not the case with the all-new Jaguar F-Pace crossover.
Auto review: What happens when a Mercedes-Benz meets an Infiniti? 09-19-2016
Does the world need another premium compact crossover utility vehicle?
Itís a fast-growing field, one clogged with any number of entries, including the Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA and Lincoln MKC, among others.
Motoring Q&A: How to avoid catastrophe in a malfunctioning car 09-12-2016
Q: When the accelerator sticks or something electronically causes a car to accelerate and the driver canít control the carís increase in speed, am I wrong in thinking someone should tell them to put the car in neutral?
Mark Phelan: Soon your car may be updateable like your iPhone 09-12-2016
Like a new smartphone, your car may soon get regular software updates to fix problems, improve performance and add new features.



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