Auto review: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack great for sporty types but not quite as off-road-ready as advertised 02-06-2017
Volkswagen isnít the No. 1 automobile company in the world for nothing. Itís the biggest because it makes great cars.
Auto review: 2017 Volvo S90 T6 sedan wears elegance with simplicity 02-06-2017
The new Volvo S90 is like a tailor-made suit. It fits just right, balancing sharp lines with elegant comfort. Itís as nice to look at as to luxuriate in.
Mark Phelan: For auto industryís good, keep mpg standards high 02-06-2017
Next time the leaders of General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler meet President Donald Trump, they should add an item to his agenda to promote American automaking and jobs: Retain the high fuel economy standards the industry and Obama administration agreed to in 2012.
Under the Hood: Lots of risks with driving through deep water 02-06-2017
Q: All the rain weíve had lately has reminded of something Iíve been wondering about for a long time. On the news Iíve seen many cars driving through flooded areas.
Auto review: 2017 Cadillac CT6: New flagship upholds the tradition 02-06-2017
With its low, wide stance and vertically stacked LED lights up front, Cadillacís gorgeous new flagship sedan, the CT6, is guaranteed to turn heads. 
Under the Hood: Car troubles? Start with tested solutions and work from there 01-30-2017
Q: I just bought a truck to replace one I loved but recently totaled after flattening a Prius that pulled out in front of me. Itís a 2009 Dodge Ram with two-wheel drive and a 5.7-liter engine ó almost the exact truck I had.
Auto review: Toyota Land Cruiser needs a full-size redesign to stay relevant 01-30-2017
When we got to the snow tubing hill, the five tweens packed in back had a change of mind. Instead of cruising down the hill, they wanted to scale up the hill in the Toyota Land Cruiser.
Larry Printz: 5 things carmakers arenít telling you 01-30-2017
Think youíre ready to buy a new ride?
If so, odds are youíve test-driven a number of different vehicles and have read multiple reviews. 
Mark Phelan: The truth behind Trump, the auto industry and Mexico 01-30-2017
Automakers used to complain that their economic and technological importance were underappreciated, but at the rate the Trump administration has begun, the industry is already praying for a return to anonymity.
Mark Phelan: Detroit auto show hits and misses 01-23-2017
From affordable small SUVs to all manner of family sedan, sporty and luxury cars, the soon-to-conclude 2017 North American International Auto Show at Cobo Center in Detroit embodies the variety of vehicles on sale.
Auto review: 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 provides luxury, lacks performance 01-23-2017
As the snow falls and the temperature plummets, access to a vehicle with drive going to all four wheels is a privilege that canít be overstated. 
Under the Hood: The basics on replacing your brakes 01-23-2017
Q: I recently took my car in for an oil change and was told Iíll soon need to replace the brakes. I purchased this car new ó itís my first ó and Iím not sure what to expect. What are the things I should look out for to ensure I get the best job possible and am not taken advantage of?
Auto review: Ď17 Ridgeline is not your typical pickup 01-23-2017
Honda is a world champion in the sedan and SUV segments, but the Japanese giant has never been a truck contender.
Larry Printz: A look at presidential wheels 01-16-2017
Once Donald Trump takes the oath of office, heíll ride to the White House in a new custom-built Cadillac limousine known as The Beast.
Under the Hood: Teenage truck having trouble with freezing Canadian winters 01-16-2017
Q: Iíve been having an ongoing problem with my 2001 Ford F-150. When the temperatureís above freezing, the truck runs fine. Below 32 degrees, though, the truck runs poorly and misses.
Auto review: 2017 Genesis G90 flagship sedan carves out a spot for modest luxury 01-16-2017
Thick, wet snow shrouded visibility and parallel ruts formed in the white stuff, serving as lanes. Traffic slowed to 20 mph, except for trucks and our Genesis G90 full-size sedan. 
Auto review: 2017 Audi Q7: The pleasures of the pricier people mover 01-16-2017
The German occupation of my Los Angeles neighborhood began with the SUVs.
Driveways once filled with Honda Accords, Toyota Camrys and vintage Volvo station wagons began to sprout BMW X3s and X5s and Audi Q3s and Q5s.
Auto review: Toyota gets back to basics with 86 sports coupe 01-09-2017
Toyota once again has a fun, affordable sports car. The Scion FR-S sport coupe is now the Toyota 86 for 2017, and itís a no-frills blast. Itís the kind of low-riding, stiff-handling kart that wants to be thrown around, wants its throttle to be hammered, brakes worked. 
Mark Phelan: The 14 most interesting vehicles going on sale this year 01-09-2017
SUVs rule; cars drool.
Thatís the story in the auto industry these days and itís not likely to change in the year ahead. Sales of traditional cars are down, while consumers canít get enough SUVs. 
Larry Printz: Letís welcome the new antiques: The class of 1992 01-09-2017
You might not be used to saying 2017 rather than 2016 yet, but the new year brings with it a fresh batch of cars that are now 25 years old and, thereby, considered antique. 
Auto review: Jeep rolls out a puddle jumper 01-09-2017
Fiat Chryslerís Jeep division does well with its Grand Cherokee line, selling just under 200,000 of them last year in the U.S. So itís only logical the company would expand the line to include the Trailhawk badge, which signifies increased eagerness to hit the trail.
Under the Hood: How about that Chevy Volt? 01-09-2017
Q: Iím considering getting a new car and am leaning toward a hybrid or possibly an electric. I remember you mentioning you had acquired a Chevy Volt and am wondering what you think of it.
Corvette Grand Sport a great mix of old, new 01-09-2017
Chevroletís Corvette has been recognized for more than 60 years as one of the finest American sports cars ever built.
Larry Printz: Before you forget 2016, take a spin in these new rides 01-02-2017
Given the wild political headlines that dominated the news this year, you may want to forget the past 12 months. 
Mark Phelan: Gone, and mostly forgotten: Discontinued cars and trucks 01-02-2017
As you empty closets and drawers to make room for shiny new baubles collected this holiday season, automakers are going through a similar process: Dropping aged and unpopular vehicles in favor for new models.
Motoring Q&A: 32 years of nuts-and-bolts automotive advice 01-02-2017
My world has come full circle. Through the 1970s, I made my living in motorsports. It took me two years to persuade Bob Tullius to hire me as the PR guy for his Group 44 Inc. racing team in 1974. 
Auto review: 2017 Kia Soul turbo boosts power over fuel economy 01-02-2017
The 2017 Kia Soul Turbo Exclaim adds another variation to the tall hatchís lineup, featuring a new 1.6-liter turbocharged engine and seven-speed dual clutch transmission.
Under the Hood: Whatís causing engine to surge? 01-02-2017
Q: We read your column every Friday in The Villages Daily Sun newspaper in Florida. We are writing about our 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt, which has a 2.2-liter engine, automatic transmission and about 60,000 miles on it.
Auto review: 2017 Buick Envision is a premium crossover with a value proposition 01-02-2017
The temperatures dropped, the snow started and I faced a choice in the garage ó with hockey bag in one hand, kidsí backpacks in the other.
Mark Phelan: What lasts longer: A new truck or chemically augmented cherries? 12-26-2016
Nissan spread some unexpected holiday cheer with a fruitcake this season.
Automakers frequently send press kits, lists of awards and product highlights making the case for their vehicles to jurors for the North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year awards.
Larry Printz: Love it or hate it, winter robs your ride of fuel efficiency 12-26-2016
Itís hard to hate winter weather during the holiday season, but the reality is that once the new year dawns, and Old Man Winter tightens his icy grip, itís going to cost you more to drive every day.
Auto review: GMC Acadia slimmer, trimmer ó and now more agile, too 12-26-2016
More than a few folks may be pondering GMCís gamble to send its hefty midsize SUV, the Acadia, to the fitness center to shed a few, or 700, pounds. Heaven knows how long this vehicle was on the treadmill because it also came back 7.2 inches shorter and 3.5 inches narrower.
Auto review: Porscheís new Boxster is fast, fun to drive and, for a Porsche, affordable 12-19-2016
Porsche has unboxed a new Boxster. The 2017 model has a smaller engine and weighs less, but is quicker and more powerful.
Mark Phelan: 6 technologies to watch in 2017 12-19-2016
Will your next car talk to traffic lights? Are diesel engines on their last gasp? Have electric vehicles charged into the mainstream?
Motoring Q&A: Car wants to race when I want to stop 12-19-2016
Q: I bought a Mazda 6 with 25,000 miles on it from a leasing company. It has a smooth ride with excellent acceleration and gets over 30 miles per gallon in highway driving. 
Under the Hood: What about rain-sensing wipers? 12-19-2016
Q: Some time ago (maybe a long time ago), you indicated you would look into aftermarket rain-sensing wiper switches. Did I miss your report on that? Also, are there any such switches that can also turn on the headlights?
Auto review: 2017 Honda Accord hybrid makes 50 mpg come easy 12-19-2016
Gas prices will go up and sedans will be the most popular car segment in America again. Unfortunately for the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid, only one of those predictions is likely.



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