Longtime Milwaukee-area writers and M Magazine contributors Martin Hintz and Pam Percy have penned a new book, "Food Lovers’ Guide to Wisconsin," released earlier this year by Globe Pequot Press.
Read Wisconsin
Whether you are beachside or camped out indoors waiting for the weather to break, it’s time to get cozy with a good read. You’re sure to find something fascinating in this collection of books, each with its own Wisconsin-based point of view.
Grief journey
Barbara Manger had just finished a meditation session at a yoga retreat in Houston when she picked up her phone and heard the news that would plunge her into what she later called "a dark tunnel of grief."
New reads by local writers
Whether you prefer fact or fiction, these four recently published books by Milwaukee-area authors are sure to pique your reading interest. Choose from a fairy-tale-inspired weight loss guide, to a modern day romance mystery set in the Milwaukee suburbs, to a delectable food-infused memoir, to a rich chronicle of one of Milwaukee’s founding fathers.
Next level
By the time Aeron Knutson was 15 years old, he’d lived in 15 different places (his father was a business consultant whose projects took him all over the country).
Witty muse
Poet and author Charles Ries of Milwaukee is well aware of the warnings that "serious writers" don’t write cat poems, but he just couldn’t help himself. He’d taken good care of his daughter’s cat, and watched as she had her one chance to escape into the wide world, but hesitated, and made her choice to stay.
Adventure man
When Tim Cahill was 9 years old and living in what was the "wilds of Waukesha" in the 1950s, he often dreamed of exploring "the second woods."
New books with Wisconsin roots
Summer might be fading, but there’s still a little time to squeeze in some good reads, and these recent publications are a great place to start. Whether you’re looking for a novel, inspiration for your writing or a guide for your next road trip, these Wisconsin-themed books deserve a place on your nightstand.
Ink tales
Milwaukee is known as Brew City, but it has enough talented comic book artists that it could adopt the name Ink City. For years these creative individuals have produced their own small press publications and developed fans in Milwaukee and beyond. Here are five fresh local projects worth finding.
Between the pages
James E. Causey believes everyone has a book inside them. The 43-year-old Milwaukee native should know. He recently published his second novel, "Twisted," a follow-up to his debut work "The Twist."

Animal magnetism
The heartbreaking and inspiring story of how Pat came to Milwaukee from his native Belize in Central America has been documented in a book, "Pat the (Great) Cat: A Jaguar’s Journey," published by Milwaukee’s SHARP Literacy Inc. in 2011. The book is a unique collaboration among schoolchildren in Milwaukee and Belize, who were presented with the challenge of telling Pat’s story for him.

Resolute reading
Southeastern Wisconsin has a wealth of interesting architecture, towns and people. Some local authors have written about a few of them in some newly published works.
Atomic Comic
When Drew Maxwell first debuted his webcomic, Atomic Fist Punch, last spring, the Whitefish Bay resident was blown away by the response. "Within a few hours of launching, we had an animation studio contact us about turning the webcomic into a TV show," Maxwell says.

Book looks
One quirky thing about Milwaukee, says Matt Flynn, author of "Pryme Knumber: A Novel about Taking a Stand," is that its inhabitants are so self-deprecating that outsiders think they can just waltz in and push us around. 

Words with friends
Both novice and seasoned writers, at one point or another, have what Nobel-prize-winning author J.M. Coetzee calls the "bout with the page." It’s that drought when the words can’t find their natural rhythm, or don’t show up at all.

Home-Grown works
Someone once said, "Being a writer was never a choice, it was an irresistible compulsion." These three Milwaukee-based authors have written new books they hope reveal their irresistible compulsions to the reader.

Time to shine
The stories started early and for no particular reason. Kirk Farber wanted funny. He couldn’t help it. In some haphazard roll of the genetics dice, Farber inherited his mother’s sense of humor and his dad’s storytelling prowess. And so naturally, the Oconomowoc teenager set about crafting humorous tales — all for the pure entertainment it provided him.

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