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Office space
Tips for maximizing the appeal of home work


With more and more people working from home, how can you create a balance between the professionalism of the downtown office building and the casual nature of the home office? Libby Castro of Interior Investments and Mark Larson of Kahler Slater found inspiration in a tailored suit for the design of the Breast Cancer Showhouse office. The timeless lines of classic office furniture, structure of the carpet and elegant fabric give this space a classic, professional look.

Like an Armani suit, this office makes a good impression. "As any good suit encompasses elements of masculinity and femininity, non-obsolescence, comfort and practicality, so does this office," describes Larson.

Mobile pedestals and built-in cabinetry with cushion tops provides plenty of storage and flexible seating options. A neutral palette with soothing accents creates a space where you can get down to business; while art, accessories and family photos provide a reprieve and elements of inspiration.

- Space planning

Two people working simultaneously in one space can be a challenge. Position furniture in a central location and keep things open. Maximize all views and the innate features of the room. Provide furnishings that are flexible to suit a variety of needs, such as mobile pedestals for storage and seating or Eames stools that serve as seating, tables or sculptural accents.

- Utilize hidden treasures

Concealed depth in walls provides opportunities to increase storage and minimize the need for large furniture pieces. Dark, heavy curtains were removed to take advantage of the abundant natural light and view of the lake. Sheers lighten the space and veil the light while highlighting the architecture of the curved windows.

- Color, pattern and texture

Consider the nature of your business. If you work under high pressure and considerable stress, choose color selections that will bring balance. Chocolate browns are paired with shades of blue to offer a soothing, relaxed space. A vibrant lime green adds a punch of color to spark creativity. A bold stripe offers a masculine touch on the seat cushions balanced by the feminine feel of modern paisley on the accent pillows. The dark, rich color and finish of the walnut storage and furnishings is accented with an aluminum revel. Leather seating adds to the richness of the space and is complemented by the texture and directional pattern on the rug that guides you through the space. A metallic wall covering is applied to the ceiling to create a silver leafed effect. It reflects light and adds warmth to the space.

- Classic furniture

In this 1915 home, a transition was needed to help the history of the home meet the modern needs of a home office. Furniture was selected to look as if it had been collected over time, creating a space that appears to have evolved over the years.

- Details

Consider artwork and accessories that have meaning to you and inspire your work. Give your space personality and remind yourself of the things that are important to you, such as photos of family and friends. Select frames that reflect the other finishes and materials in the space. This creates a collection rather than an eclectic mix that may seem like clutter in the small space.