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Culinary makeovers
Two kitchens, two looks, two design challenges met by local remodelers

Dynamic Art

The kitchen of Dr. Jeff and Nancy Weber provides a multi-functional space that looks like a piece of art. The layout, created by Tony Enea of Ruvin Bros. Artisans & Trades, forms an intimate area for casual conversations with family, as well as plenty of room to mingle while entertaining a house full of guests. The working portion of the kitchen is tucked behind a faux finished column that serves as a point of interest and conversation. Red glass tiles, color-flecked Corian, aluminum detailing, a sculptural chandelier, vibrant artwork and the multi-layered, faux-finished walls create a contemporary space that is the hub of the home.

Grand Expansion

Located on the 20th floor of the Diamond Tower condominiums, this kitchen was boxed in and hidden from the spectacular views of the city. Angie Westmore of RCI Remodeling Center helped the owners create a large, open kitchen suitable for entertaining — a space that now glows from the light of its western exposure. While taking advantage of the view was a priority, so was the functionality of the space and creating a unique design statement. The radius of the soffit mirrors the radius of the island to create a fluid line within this space. Cabinetry was customized so the height of the island was consistent with a window area coffee bar, allowing for interchangeable seating in these areas. In order to disguise the appliances from the rest of the living area, an appliance garage was incorporated and a concealed refrigerator, dishwasher and oven were specified. The materials and finishes offer what Westmore refers to as a "Colorado contemporary" style. The owners’ Southwestern art collection and love of wood inspired this design. Granite counter tops, stainless and bronze metal finishes and river stone hardware are additional design details.