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Sunny side up
Kitchen redo takes advantage of Lake Michigan views



Four kitchen remodels create great spaces for cooking, entertaining and keeping family close at hand.

One of the nicest features about living on the lake is enjoying a breathtaking view. The Fox Point home of Billy and Griselda Apple now features a kitchen that maximizes the view from a cozy vantage point.

"This 1920s stone and cedar shingle home is from an era where the kitchen really wasn’t a focal point of the home," says architect Richard Ruvin of Weissmann Ruvin. "A lot of these homes along the lake were originally summer getaways. They had this amazing view but we had to flip-flop a small bedroom and dining room to see it."

The Ruvin team that included Candyce Tice wanted the family to be able to enjoy spectacular sunrises every morning in their new kitchen and hearth room.

The homeowners of this Fox Point home wanted a cook’s kitchen, as well as a space to enjoy morning sunrises off the lake and entertain friends.

Two work islands separate cooking and baking functions.The flooring is antique terra cotta tile. The counters are polished granite and the backsplash is honed limestone with terra cotta mosaic.

"This is a couple that likes to do small group entertaining," Ruvin says. "Mrs. Apple is a great cook that needed a cook’s kitchen. The original space was very tight. It may have been updated in the 1970s, but it just didn’t meet their needs."

"Our emphasis was on warmth," Tice says. "We wanted a light, warm feeling to counteract the gray Wisconsin weather. The flooring is antique terra cotta tile from France. The counters are polished granite. The backsplash is honed limestone with terra cotta mosaic accents. The island features metal grillwork; the cabinetry holds a collection of vases to coordinate with the architecture of the rest of the home."

Ruvin’s team accented the cast stone mantel with tumbled marble mosaics.

Two work islands separate cooking and baking functions. The cooking island features a steamer. All of the appliances are commercial grade, fully integrated and stainless finish with copper detailing.

"There is just an incredible warmth to this space that is pulled together with natural light," says Tice. "Even at night there is just an incandescent glow to the space. This space functions for a family that cooks. One of the nicest features is the fully integrated appliances.

You cannot tell the dishwasher drawers from the cabinets. Another unique feature is the two separate islands. This is a room where you can entertain and cook comfortably. This is a very functional space that just radiates warmth.

I think of this as a timeless look for this home."