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Design for the ages
Kids' bedrooms grow along with their pint-sized occupants



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John and Kris Worthington’s family includes two young daughters with very different personalities. Abby, 6, loves animals, and Kelly, 8, likes more girly things. When decorating their shared bedroom, mom Kris found a way to integrate both girls’ interests into the decor. The room in their Mequon home is modeled after a Parisian shop in kid-friendly greens and pinks. The stripes above each bed resemble window awnings. The artwork above her bed, Abby’s Pet Shop, is in keeping with the French theme, yet personalized for Abby. Each girl has her own dressing table and chandelier, which add touches of elegance. When she couldn’t find an area rug that was right for the space, Kris turned a round picnic table into an ottoman and covered it with a quilt.

Dream room

Three-year-old Sophia Torres’ bedroom is the room her mom, Claudine, always wanted when she was a girl but never had. Decorated in pinks and yellows, its neutral decor appeals to a preschooler or a middle-schooler. The mural of two apple blossom trees by Thiensville artist Mary Jo Crivello is intentionally neutral, too. Since the Shorewood home doesn’t have a playroom, all of Sophia’s toys are in her bedroom. A window seat and armoire maximize storage; toys are kept underneath the high bed as well.

Football season

When son Derek was in third grade, mom Debbie Wolff painted a mural of a football field on his ceiling. Derek’s now 16, yet the mural still reflects his love of sports. It’s a backdrop to his collection of trophies and medals, sports pennants, football hats and other memorabilia.