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5 things we love about this bathroom


We asked three Milwaukee-area designers for their opinions on this bathroom by Loren Imhoff Homebuilder that was featured in the 2005 Madison Area Builders Association Parade of Homes. Hereís what they had to say:

1. Windows: "You never see picture windows in a bathroom," says Nancy Rappaport of Urban Accents, Milwaukee. "I think they give the room the same feeling of grandeur that one would get from a more formal setting. It lets in so much more light than a standard or even opaque window would offer." In addition, Susan Stockton of London by Design, Thiensville, says: "The borrowed natural day lighting into the shower stall is an innovative idea in that the interior fenestration has maximized the space."

2. Color: "I love the way the earth tones of the slate have been picked up in the wall color, with a lighter shade on the ceiling," Rappaport says. "Itís so important to pick a color other than white for the ceiling. Even if itís only a shade or two darker it really gives the overall room a much warmer feeling." Joline Stiegerwald and Jess Petrusich of Design Resource Center, Elm Grove, also note the warmth of the paint color among their favorite things, as does Stockton. "The color scheme is soft and kind to skin tones," she says.

3. Fixtures: Rappaport notes the use of the furniture-quality vanity and mirror, as well as the ornate lighting fixtures, candle stands and artwork. "This suggests touches that were once reserved for our dining and living rooms," she says. "This attention to detail reinforces the idea of our bathrooms as a place of quiet solitude and refuge from the daily stresses of life." Stiegerwald and Petrusich note that the sconce on the wall gives great dimension to the space. They also like the choice of sinks for the room: "Having the sink under-mounted is nice for cleaning. It gives the countertop a seamless look."

4. Tub: "The tub looks incredibly inviting with its soft rounded edges," Stockton says. She also likes the platform height and amount of decking surrounding the tub. "The placement of the faucet facilitates easy access to the tub and the convenience of not having to reach too far to use," she says.

5. Shower: "The slightly concealed large shower stall and its relationship to the tub adds intimacy to the bathroom," Stockton says.