Best Dog Park:

Mitchell Park

Apartment-dwelling dog owners or those who simply want to give their four-pawed friends a change of scenery, can take them to a place in Brookfield to roam free. Brookfield’s Mitchell Park, located on Capitol Drive and Barker Road is currently the only park in the area that has a designated place where residents can allow their pets off leash.

Public demand was the driving force behind the dog park. “The idea for the park came from resident interest,” said Bill Kolstad, director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry for Brookfield.

Pet owners can let their dogs run and play off their leashes, as long as they are supervised and stay within the designated boundaries. The park offers a large area surrounded by native grasses and a dog trail to take your pooch on a hike.

“People are expected to pick up after their dogs. We have provided bags on the park grounds,” Kolstad said. “We have not experienced any problems and feedback from park users has been very good.”

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