Reason to have a hangover:

Margaritas at La Fuente

Cool, crisp and refreshing - and they’ll knock you on your butt if you have too many of them. Yes, the ever-popular, tequila-ridden margarita has been making people pray to the porcelain god and reach for aspirin for generations. 

Yet, not many can compete with the tongue-tinglers at La Fuente, 625 S. 5th St. in Walker’s Point. Original, strawberry, icy frozen, straight up on the rocks, in a pitcher or by the glass, after downing two you’ll forget if you ordered a chunky beef enchilada or a chicken chimi - and you just won’t care. 

The salty chips and spicy salsa make your mouth beg for the icy coldness of a ‘rita - and La Fuente’s fun and wicked wait staff is more than happy to serve them up cold with a smile.

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-Public restroom
-Place to pamper your pooch
-Seat at the Bradley Center
-Philanthropist that doesn't mind sharing the wealth
-Goody bag finds
-1982 Brewer still making his living as a 1982 Brewer
-Place to get in shape
-Place to spice up your life
-Place to act like Paul Bunyan
-Solution for fixing the roof at Miller Park
-Use of mangos
-Way to eliminate MMSD dumping into Lake Michigan
-Reason to have a hangover
-Place to find Mochi
-Reason to buy sausage 
at 2 a.m.

-Milwaukee Buck
-Place to find cheap gas
-Place to risk gaining 5 pounds
-Holiday microbrew
-Use for the Park East freeway
-Place to rub elbows with famous people
-Reason to wear a thong
-Representative of Milwaukee
-Reality TV star
-Way to beat the fall chill
-Reason to drive in circles for a parking spot
-Place to raise your cholesterol
-Best holiday activities
-Place drink coffee and watch the world go by

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Contributing writers: Laurie Arendt, Kay Dahlke, Jordan DeChambre, Candace Doyle, Bob Gosman, Matt Hronick, JoAnn Petaschnick, Janet Raasch, Mary Lou Santovec, Amy Siewert Contributing photographers: Nathan Harrmann, Amy Siewert
Illustrations: Anjl Rodee