Bill Davidson is following in the family footsteps at Harley-Davidson Motor Company as director of Motorcycle Product Development. Raised in the Milwaukee area and currently living on the West Side, Davidson has a strong tie to Brew City. He also has a strong tie to the family business where he has been working full time for the past 20 years, but as he puts it with a smile, “It’s really been all my life. Motorcycles are a big part of my life. It’s a hobby, a job and it’s really a passion. It’s fun.”

Besides motorcycles, Davidson loves to snow ski, water ski and mountain bike.

Davidson says he has seen a lot of places in the world, but his heart is in Milwaukee. “The more places I see, the more Milwaukee becomes a hidden jewel for me. I hope it stays that way. There are so many neat things happening in Milwaukee.”

>>BEST RIDE IN MILWAUKEE AREA: “There are three on the top of my list. One: I love riding along the lakefront on Lake Drive. Two: Holy Hill is another favorite. Three: Riding around the Lake Country area.”

>>BEST MUSIC TO LISTEN TO WHILE RIDING: “The music coming out of the exhaust pipes. That potato, potato, potato that we are known for.”

>>BEST BIKING ATTIRE: “Blue jeans, black leather jacket and ankle-high riding boots.”

>>BEST BIKE FOR CRUISIN’ AROUND TOWN: “The 1990 Fat Boy. That is a really a special bike for me. I like the curb appeal and stance. It just looks excellent.”

>>BEST LOCAL PLACE TO SNOW SKI: “Any local hills I have fun at, but I like taking my daughter to Little Switzerland.”

>>BEST LOCAL PLACE TO WATER SKI: “I like Pewaukee Lake, especially during the week.”

>>BEST MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAIL: “The southwest Kettle Moraine area like the Ice Age Trail and Glacier Drumlin Trail. I also like to ride in Lapham Peak State Park.”

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