Weight Watchers spokeswoman and Milwaukee lover Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, truly enjoys the time she spends in Brew City. “Milwaukee has personality. I love the warm and friendly nature of the people of Milwaukee,” she told us during a stop in town to promote Weight Watchers. The lake is another of her faves. “I love the feeling of space it gives in a city environment.”

>> Best place to stay: “The last time I was in town, I stayed at The Pfister Hotel and the staff was fabulous and the hotel is just gorgeous.”

>> Best shopping: “My staff and I bought lots of stuff in the Harley-Davidson gift shop a few years back.”

>> Best cultural influence: “German. I love the sausage Milwaukee dishes up.”

>> Best fried food: “Cheese curds are one of my favorites. I love the way this Milwaukee favorite is prepared, but am careful not to overindulge so I stay within my Points range for the day!”

>> Best ‘nature watch:  “George Harrison once told me migrating birds use Milwaukee as their rest stop.”

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