Tina Panas showed the nation that Wisconsin women are not only beautiful, but have brains to boot in the television show “The Bachelor.”

Although Andrew Firestone did not give her his final rose, she continues to work both on camera and off for ABC Television. When she’s not working, she splits her time between L.A. and Oconomowoc.

A true Wisconsinite, Panas is a big Packers and Brewers fan.

She also loves to travel and go boating on her favorite lake, which is Okauchee.

“Eve, because I love the decor, the atmosphere and the people.”

>> BEST THING TO DO ON THE LAKE: “I love to go boating and grill out. We go out on boats with all our neighbors and tie our boats together and have a party.”  
Panas also loves the lake in the wintertime when neighbors gather for the annual Chili Dump and go four-wheeling on Okauchee.

>> BEST SEAT AT LAMBEAU FIELD: “Pretty much any seat is a good seat.”

>> BEST SEAT AT MILLER PARK: “I always sit three rows up from the dugout.”

>> BEST THING TO DO WHEN SHE COMES BACK TO MILWAUKEE: “I love spending time on the lake, grilling out and sitting in the hot tub when it’s snowing.”

>> BEST THING FROM ‘THE BACHELOR’ SHOW: “The friendships that I made with the other girls on the show. We visit with each other and talk on a regular basis.”

>> BEST THING SHE HEARS ABOUT WISCONSIN IN HOLLYWOOD: “Everyone always says we are extremely polite. They like our accent and they ask if I eat a lot of cheese and drink a lot of beer and whether I am a Packers fan. I of course say, ‘Yes!’”

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