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See the light
Chromatherapy tub adds new experience to home spa settings


Kyle and Jenna Hansen of Delafield installed this chromatherapy tub in their master suite. The fireplace at the end of the tub adds to the overall spa experience. Candles surround the area, adding to the ambiance. The earth tone is carried throughout the home, including the natural stone surround in the master bath, giving the area an organic feel.

Taking a relaxing soak has a whole new meaning when it comes to using a chromatherapy tub.

The Maxx Pearl designer bathwear line now lets you see the light in a whole new way. Thetub is fitted with underwater lights that change color and target a specific energy center inthe body. The various light colors all target different areas, promoting balance and healing.

White purifies our spirit and offers refreshing peace and works wonders for headaches.

Orange soothes a tired and sore body and stimulates circulation and the respiratory system.

Blue is the source for true relaxation and is calming during stressful times.

Red stimulates and rejuvenates, creating a mood of excitement and activates circulation.

Aquamarine offers balance and relief from inflammation.

Purple promotes a true sense of tranquility, reduces anxiety and detoxifies.

Green calms the mind, body and soul, providing both relief and stability. m