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An artist's palette
Bold colors, natural plantings blend with formal elements to create stunning landscape


May 2009

The flagstone patio off the master suite is home to Wildflower, the statue named after the property. "This is one of Peggy Ann’s favorite gardens," says Melody Narr. "The crews spend extra time there taking good care of it." The garden contains day lilies, purple cone flower, hydrangea, black-eyed Susan, little blue stem and rudbeckia. "It’s a tapestry of color and texture," says Narr.

When Peggy Ann looked at her property in the town of Mukwonago, she envisioned paths wandering through her woods and how the mowed landscape would abut and blend with the natural grass in the meadows. "I started planting the wildflowers before I started building the house," she says.

Today, the 30 acres that surround her home are a blend of both natural and formal landscaping. "I liked putting the meadows up to the cut grass. It creates mystique and hides imperfections," Peggy Ann says.

She worked with landscape architect Dennis Buettner and then LandWorks Inc. of Sussex to create "organized chaos" throughout her property. "I know what I like. Most people can’t decide what they like," she says. "I can visualize what I want."

"She’s an artisan in every sense of the word," says LandWorks’ Melody Narr. "She lets things be random and natural and intertwines splashes of color. It never looks out of place. She’s got that great eye."

Part of that creative vision was naming the land. "For a few years I knew I wanted to name my property. I thought about all kinds of names, but came up with Wildflower," Peggy Ann says. She says the word wildflower also fits her personality. "A wildflower is a sturdy flower that takes root and takes tender loving care at the beginning, but then grows strong."

Her favorite part of the property is the statue named Wildflower that stands prominently at the edge of a patio. She found the statue at an art gallery and thought it was a perfect representation of her land — a statue of a woman surrounded by birds. "I have it pointed in the direction facing the lake to greet visitors. I also feel she is watching over me when I wake up in the morning," says Peggy Ann.

Although Peggy Ann has help maintaining the property, she does her part. One of her favorite pastimes is deadheading flowers while watching the sunset. "I love to walk around enjoying the nature," she says.

"She has fun with it, and that’s what a landscape should be," says Narr.

Narr and the LandWorks crew take personal pride in Peggy Ann’s property. They recently won the gold maintenance award in the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association 2009 competition.







Melody Narr says that Peggy Ann enjoys layering her landscape with ornamental grasses, native rudbeckia and viburnum planted adjacent to the guest parking area.



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