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Season your garden
A step by step guide to planting herbs


May 2009

Plants provided by Shady Lane Greenhouses in Menomonee Falls
Arrangement created by Heidi Hornung of Shady Lane

There is nothing like stepping out your back door in the summer and picking fresh herbs for dinner. Growing herbs is easy and certainly has its perks of adding fragrance to your yard and taste to your food.

Heidi Hornung of Shady Lane Greenhouses says that a lot of people start their herbs in a container and then transplant them into their garden. But keeping them in a container works just as well.















What you need: Chives, rosemary, peppermint, scented geranium, lemon grass, curry, chamomile, starter food, liquid plant food, watering can, old starter pots, soilless mix, hand shovel and pocket knife.

1. Make sure your container has drainage holes. Then place rocks, shards of old clay pots, or starter pots in the bottom of the container.




2. Put soilless dirt (mixture made up of peat moss, perlite, bark and trace of soil), in container and arrange plants how you want them to look before planting.




3. Dig holes in dirt and place plants in holes. Do not pull plant out of the starter pot, squeeze pot at base to loosen plant then turn over plant and gently pull into your hand. Sweep off outside of container. Itís important to do this before watering plant so the dirt does not get wet prior to removing it.



4. Scatter plant food around plants on top of dirt and then water plant with watering can until moist.




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