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Stack’d Burger Bar


January 2010

At Stack’d Burger Bar, the owners literally mean "stacked." The Build-Your-Own Stack’d Burger puts the consumer in charge of the sandwich. It’s all clearly stated on the menu, reading step by step. First, one must choose the bread (or a naked burger on field greens), then your meat — beef, bison, turkey or a hand-made black bean burger. Next, choose from one of eight cheese selections and, finally, the usual choice of lettuce, tomato, pickle and onions — raw and fried. Of course my friend and I ended up with mile-high burgers filled with all the goodies. Each burger comes with coleslaw, potato wedges, fruit, onion rings or Twisted Mac and Cheese. We picked the Buttermilk Onion Rings with BBQ aioli — a meal in themselves. They were big, fat, crusty rings. We ate them one delicious bite at a time, like a cookie.

For sports fans, two TVs dominate the bar and late-night customers will appreciate the special 11 p.m.-1 a.m. menu that features sliders with cheddar cheese, and potentially irresistible Loaded Potatoes served with three cheese sauce, Nueske’s bacon, sour cream and chives.

Stack’d is the third restaurant in Tim Dixon’s portfolio, which also counts two restaurants in The Iron Horse Hotel. Like the hotel, it shows off the bones of the original factory. Formerly The Social (in its second coming), the ambience is contemporary hip. A pool table replaces the front dining area, creating a small pocket space for people who want to relax and push colored balls around.

There’s more than burgers here, too. You can choose a salad or a starter, perhaps hummus or salmon cakes, or a "Hold The Meat Meal" for vegetarians. Want to get fancy? Sample a Hand-Crafted Specialty to see what a jalape-o blue cheese beer brat topped with raw onions and sauerkraut tastes like. Or, bring the family for the kid-friendly mini burgers and mac and cheese.

»Stack’d Burger Bar
170 S. First St., Historic Third Ward(414) 273-7800


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