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Big love
Raised from pups or rescued from shelters, manís best friends have stolen the hearts of these Milwaukee celebs, regardless of whether or not they will admit to it.



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Dave Luczak with Rocky, 2; Zack, 8; and Cosmo, 5

Q: How did the trio become part of the Luczak family?

A: Three dogs, three stories. The kids talked us into Zack, said heíd be company for our other dog Jackson (who died two years ago.) Cosmo was a gift from me to Cindy for our anniversary and we got Rocky a week after Jackson died. The other two were so depressed they just sat and stared at the door for a full week after Jackson (the oldest) died. Rocky snapped them out of the funk they were in.

Q: Did you ever picture yourself with this type of dog?

A: I didnít picture myself with any dog. The kids talked us into our first dog back in the í90s. They actually told me it would lower my blood pressure and help me live longer. At the time my blood pressure was fine. Now? Itís 10-plus years later and my blood pressure is getting higher every day.

Q: Was it love at first sight?

A: Love? How about like? I have a deal with them: donít mess in the house, donít chew on my stuff and Iíll let you sleep indoors tonight. They seem to understand this since they abide by all the rules.

Q: What are your dogsí best qualities?

A: They have brown eyes, big ears and beards, just like me.

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Craig Koplein with Maggie, 7

Q: How did Maggie come to be part of your family?

A: Shortly after my wife and I were married someone told me to either have kids or get a dog first, but donít do both at the same time. We went the kids route, daughter, daughter, daughter. And chaos ensued. Over time, however, the kids became less dependent on us and more influential over us. It was the three girls who eventually turned the screws hard enough to lead us to get Maggie. We found a lady who had a litter of puppies, and within a few weeks we were well on our way to having our house perennially coated in a layer of dog fur.

Q: How did you decide on a golden retriever?

A: I didnít know much about goldens before we got Maggie, but I did know I wanted a family dog. And I wanted a big dog. Not huge-big, but I knew I didnít want one of those little "ankle-biter" types. Poodles, wiener dogs ó not my thing. If I was going to get a dog, I was going to get a DOG.

Q: Was it love at first sight?

A: When we went to pick her out, Maggie was just one of a bunch of little golden puppies running around in a yard. It was impossible not to love everyone of them at first sight. We took some time with them and tried to pick out the one that seemed to have the most spunk. In hindsight, a little less spunk probably would have been OK, too.

Q: What is Maggieís best quality?

A: Itís easily her unconditional love. Maggie is happy to see me no matter what. When I come home from work, she meets me at the door, tail wagging, with a ball in her mouth. When I wake up in the morning, she greets me like Iíve been gone for a weekís vacation. If I leave the room for five minutes to use the bathroom, sheís ready to throw a welcome back party when I return.

Q: Whoís the boss?

A: I was dead-set against letting Maggie on the furniture. When she was young and she tried to jump onto a couch, chair or bed, I continually chased her off. I did this for months and months and then years. Iíll give her credit, she was persistent. She continually snuck up on to couches and chairs for her naps. Her doggedness (get it?) eventually paid off. I finally gave up. She lays where she wants now.

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Bjorn Nasett with Pharaoh, 9; Sinclair, 14; and Bert, 14

Q: Whatís the story that brought you together?

A: I got my first Italian Greyhound from neighbors who were moving and could not take their elderly and sickly dog with them to New York City. I found myself buying a house for us a year later. Then came another Italian Greyhound from rescue to keep the first one company. When I had to put the first down because of a stroke, I brought on another dog in need, and then about two years later I got a third one.

Q: Did you ever picture yourself with this type of dog?

A: No, not really, I thought the first Italian Greyhound, Isaac, was really homely. A face only a parent could love!

Q: What do you love about this breed?

A: They are sweet-natured dogs, with large soulful eyes that you canít resist. Their smallness makes you want to protect them.

Q: What are your dogsí best qualities?

A: They love to snuggle and go under blankets. Plus they sleep about three quarters of the time. They donít bark much and certainly do not have aggressive tendencies at all. Since they have little hair there is no shedding to speak of. They do not lick peopleís faces or lick at all, really.

Q: How did the dogs get their names?

A: Rescue pets come with given names already, so usually you donít change them unless they do not fit their personalities. I left their names as is.

Q: Whoís the master of whom?

A: Well, anyone who has pets knows that when you take an animal into your home and vow to take care of its health and well-being, they become your master. Much like children are sometimes a joyous responsibility, they have good and bad days.

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Ted Perry and Chili, 8

Q: Did you ever picture yourself with this type of dog?

A: Heís half Rott and half shepherd. I always liked German shepherds and had been dog sitting for some good friends of mine who had one. I went to the Wisconsin Humane Society looking for a shepherd and was almost going to adopt one when they said, "Hold on, you have to see the shep mix we just got in." It took me a whole 10 seconds to decide to take him. I never thought Iíd ever want a dog with any Rott in it, but I think theyíre great dogs.

Q: What is Chiliís best quality?

A: I think, like most peopleís dogs, his best quality is that he fits in. I can take him on camping and hiking trips and he holds his own, but can also just hang out at the foot of the couch if I donít feel like doing anything. He actually seems to read my mood pretty well, as crazy as that sounds.

Q: How did Chili get his name?

A: Naming was tough. I got him on Presidentís Day and played with the idea of giving him a name of a president. "Nixon" "Wilson" ó none of them worked, and besides, it sounded kind of pretentious. He was named "Dexter" by the humane society but that wasnít happening. So he was nameless for 48 hours and I was walking him and decided I was hungry for "Real Chili" and I just said, "Chili," and he looked up. Voila, problem solved.

Q: Whoís the master?

A: Iím sure he tells the neighborhood dogs that he rules the roost, but Iíll just say this, I donít have to stand by my bowl and beg him to fill it up.

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