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I feel pretty


March 2011

The newest face in makeup often comes with a bit of a unibrow and a five oíclock shadow. But this is a face you wonít see lurking in the drugstore or the cosmetics counter. In fact, most men are discovering makeup quite by accident.

"My husband is a mechanic and he started using a moisturizer and cleanser because he was getting so dirty and dry at work," says Jenny Schellinger, owner of the Merle Norman studio in Grafton. "The other guys started noticing how much better he looks, and now they are interested in the products, too."

Men who take the leap into cosmetic enhancement often come on a cause-and-effect basis. Sarah Brucker, owner of Blush in the Third Ward, says that menís services are a growing part of her business, including products. Just donít call them cosmetics if you want a man to try them.

"A lot of women will come in, dragging their husband or boyfriend behind them to try things, especially things to help with shaving and grooming," she says of the common product entry point.

Among the top favorites for men at Blush are products that they can actually feel working.

"We have a cleansing mud that exfoliates and cleans, and it feels tingly and cooling to use," says Brucker.

Another product that men are willing to try is tinted moisturizer.

"Itís so sheer, but it evens out the skin tone without making it look like youíre wearing makeup," she says. "Plus, the moisturizer we sell is SPF 20, so it offers protection."

She says that many of her male clients try it for the first time by accident and with some initial trepidation, such as preparation for a photo shoot or television appearance.

"And then afterward, they say, ĎHey, I looked pretty good. What was that you put on my skin?í laughs Brucker. "Thatís when they become hooked."



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