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Go mod!
8 ways to liven your space



A neutral color palate and wall-hung vanity give this bath a modern aesthetic.

If youíve been inspired to go a little mod in your home, join the club. The trend toward clean lines and streamlined spaces in residential interiors has really taken off. Even if you still lean toward the traditional, mixing in a little modern flair can freshen up your home. Three local experts share some ideas: Stephanie Quinn, designer at OAR in Elm Grove; Orry De Young, interior designer at Rubinís Furniture, Milwaukee; and Tom Hoffman, president of Tom Hoffman Design, Milwaukee.

1] "Declutter! Pare down and organize your space," Hoffman says.

2] Neutrals really modernize a space: taupe, tan and gray in varying shades look great in contemporary interiors, Hoffman says. And color isnít just for the walls, consider painting the ceiling, too.

3] Mix your traditional furnishings with new pieces like a sleek, contemporary table in metal or light wood, De Young says. If you want to change your house over time, the transitional look works well. What do you do if you have an ornate piece of furniture, like a family heirloom, that you want to keep in the room? Place it against a simple backdrop, Hoffman says. Youíll have impact, but your space will still have a modern feel.

4] Hang artwork in groupings, Hoffman says. "I grouped 12 botanicals, identically matted and simply framed, and hung them from the floor to the ceiling. This configuration gave traditional prints a modern look."

5] In the kitchen, replace cabinet doors. "Raised panels can look dated so install simple slab doors instead," Quinn says. "Or, if you donít want to replace the cabinetry or doors, get new hardware."

6] Simplify fussy drapery treatments. Hang plain panels to the floor or replace drapes entirely with blinds, Quinn says.

7] Adhere a simple mirror to the bathroom wall and then tile around it to make a frame, Quinn says. Go all the way up to the ceiling and along the entire width of the vanity.

8] Donít forget accessories, De Young says. Small contemporary touches here and there will make the whole room feel more updated.