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Earthy color scheme suits high-rise condo



Simple, clean-lined shelving serves as the backdrop for the homeownerís Native American pottery from Arizona, which was the inspiration for the color scheme of the downtown condo. The room features two seating areas, one for TV viewing and the other for conversation and enjoying the lake views. The fireplace screen is custom made out of iron nails and adds another textural dimension to the space.

Peggy Ann isnít afraid of color, she just knows what colors she likes.

"I tend to gravitate toward warm, earthy colors. I have tried other bold color schemes and Iím extremely uncomfortable living with that," she says. "The more color I have and the more objects I have in a room Iím not able to think as clearly."

Collaborating with Donna Sweet, co-owner of Haven Interiors, Peggy Annís 27th floor condo in Milwaukeeís University Club Tower employs a muted yet strong color scheme to create a sophisticated, tailored residence. "Itís sheik without being glitzy," Sweet says. "With Peggy, itís no-color color. Itís not beige, itís not gray, but I think itís really comfortable, really warm. Itís really all about texture, all about tone," Sweet says.

Artwork collected over many years is integral in the design. "My art is what makes me feel at home," she says. "Itís my family album, my scrapbook. To me, itís priceless because Iíve collected it from travels from around the world for the last 30 years."

Yet, the art is as subdued as the color scheme. "Everything is kind of quiet," Sweet says. "You have to sit down and look at her things and appreciate the details. Itís not Ďin your face.í"

With a primary residence on 40 acres in the Lake Country, the condo was originally designed as a weekend and winter residence for Peggy Ann. She has since sold her rural home and is working on a new, 6,200-square-foot condo. "I love downtown living. Iím a single person and itís extremely easy to be involved in the community, in the arts and with my neighbors."

Her new condo will include added storage and an office. She says it will again focus on her art, but will be more of a minimalist look. "There will be even less color," she says.

Textural elements add interest to the streamlined kitchen and dining areas: hand-made wallpaper, light fixtures and even the table itself. The base of the hammered-top table is made of one solid piece of carved wood. Interior designer Donna Sweet of Haven Interiors suggested creating banquette seating along the windows so the table wouldnít be in the middle of the room and also to be closer to the windows and the view. "Itís a great place to have coffee and watch the sailboats in the summer or just sit and contemplate," the homeowner says.

Two chairs provide a cozy spot for reading or lake viewing in the master bedroom.

The custom-designed vanity in the master bath lends a clean aesthetic to the space. The earthy colors of the coarse slate tile floor are continued up the wall behind the vanity. Frosted glass doors conceal the toilet room and shower, but still allow light in. A flokati rug adds to the luxury feel of the space.