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Mission possible
Amp up your ho-hum workout with kick-butt boot camps


September 2011

Looking to burn some serious calories? Join the boot camp craze sweeping Milwaukee. These military-inspired workouts pack a powerful punch — and major fun.

Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp • (414) 881-5348

Who: Participants range in age from 15 to over 65.

What to expect: A combination of fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training that inspires fun and alleviates boredom. Activities include light running, weight training, obstacle courses, core training, stretching and jumping rope.

When: Choose from two-, three- or four-week programs that meet three to five times a week.

Where: Outdoor camps held at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee, Wirth Park in Brookfield and South Shore Park in Bay View. In winter, the boot camp rotates among various indoor facilities.

Milwaukee IMPACT • (414) 897-2391

Who: Exercises modified to accommodate participants of all fitness abilities.

What to expect: This fitness and lifestyle program incorporates intense workouts involving speed and agility segments, strength training, cardio and total body stretching.

When: Classes meet three days a week for 55 minutes for four weeks.

Where: Outdoor summer sessions held at Bradley Tech High School in Milwaukee and indoor sessions at Bucketworks in the Fifth Ward.

Mission: Metabolism Boot Camp - (414) 455-4332

Who: Entry-level boot camp open to all ages and fitness levels. From there, trainers recommend whether participants should move up to high-intensity program.

What to expect: Entry-level sessions focus on mobility, flexibility and tissue work. The high-intensity program is designed to burn body fat and increase lean muscle through strength training and cardio work.

When: Entry-level classes meet twice a week. High-intensity program members train three times a week.

Where: Classes held at The Fitness Asylum in Bay View.

MPower Total Fitness
(414) 313-1427

Who: All ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels welcome.

What to expect: Interactive workouts incorporate functionalized strength training and cardiovascular activities. MPower’s philosophy incorporates exercise, healthy nutrition and peace of mind.

When: Boot camps run in two- and four-week intervals and meet two to three days per week.

Where: Summer sessions held at Klode Park in Whitefish Bay. During the winter and inclement weather, participants are notified of indoor locations via e-mail.

Top 5 Kick-Butt Moves

1. Scissor kicks: Engage often overlooked lower abs and target core muscles.

2. Burpees: This ultimate full-body exercise also packs a cardio kick.

3. Squat jumps: Blast legs and glutes with this bun-burning move.

4. Bench dips: Use a park bench to sculpt sexy triceps.

5. Plank: Strengthen your core and back with this static hold.


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