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Hunter's haven
Custom man cave finds unique home in Merton family’s garage



Track lighting highlights the mounts and is controlled by a keypad so walls can be lit simultaneously or separately. The lamp in the far corner was custom made for Bryan Mullett with elk sheds he found in Montana, where he spent a year running a hunting ranch.

Move over, Range Rover. One home’s old garage has been transformed into a new place for the men in the family to bond over a game of cards or Brewers’ game.

Located on a family property known as The Stables in the town of Merton, the interior of this basic garage was turned into a hunter’s paradise when builder Brian Tweeden remodeled the space, knocking out the flat roof and replacing it with a cathedral ceiling. That was key to the new man cave, since Don Mullett and his three sons, Bryan, Erik and Christopher, are all hunters — and wanted plenty of display space.

"All my mounts were in storage and I had no place to enjoy them. My father and I said, ‘Why don’t we build a place where we can put them all on display?’" says Bryan Mullett. "It took us a year to do it."

Any hunter would stand in awe looking at the 43 mounts. Some of the more unique include a cape buffalo and giraffe from Zimbabwe and a red stag from New Zealand.

The family chose a fabric wallpaper from Japan in a bright orange/red shade for the walls. "You can see the great contrast with the animals and it’s a warm feel, a rich color."

Knotty pine replaces drywall for the ceiling and along the walls, adding to the warmth of the space.

The family stained the concrete floor a dark brown, which blends nicely with the leather furniture in front of the 60-inch flat screen TV.

An L-shaped custom bar in one corner is fully stocked, along with a wine cooler and beer refrigerator, which has Spotted Cow on tap at all times.

A custom-made Stine game table with the words "Arrowhead Hockey" embroidered in the center sits prominently in the middle of the space. A leather cover can be placed over it, converting it into a regular table for parties. "One of the best parts about the man cave is the garage door," says Mullett. "You can open it up in the summer months. That was the highlight when we had people over to watch the Packers game last October. People were outside and the kids would be playing in the yard."

They also have an air filtration system for cigar smoke. "We can have a poker party and smoke a cigar without smelling like a chimney when you walk out," he says.

"Everyone asks me if women are invited and I say, ‘on special occasions,’" jokes Mullett.