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Wrinkle free zone
The push of a syringe may regain some of that youthful look



If your crow’s feet are suddenly turning into deep grooves or the "11s" between your eyes are deepening, you can smooth things out without undergoing surgery.

Injectables such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are used to relax muscles, while derma fillers such as Juvéderm, Radiesse, Restylane, Perlane and Pelotero are used to help fill in lines.

"The key thing to keep in mind is a good aesthetic specialist will be able to soften the look without giving you that ‘frozen look,’" says Dawn Sagrillo, aesthetic nurser specialist and clinical director at Refresh Aesthetic Center. "It will brighten the brow and soften crows feet around the eyes," she says.

Dr. Andrew Campbell, plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Quintessa Medical Spa, stresses the importance of going to a trained expert for any kind of injectable procedure. He has seen patients who came to him after bad experiences at other facilities involving injections not placed in the muscle or given in the wrong muscle.

Correct placement in the muscle is the key to a successful injection. "Botox is highly customized," explains Campbell. "Everyone’s muscles are different. I have the patient use the muscle so I can see where they use it and then customize it (the injection).

"We have our patients come back in two weeks to make sure they have what they wanted," says Campbell, who points out the follow-up appointment is key to patients understanding the overall process.

Patients return every three to four months for Botox injections and nine to 12 months for derma fillers.

It is also common for patients to receive a combination of Botox and derma fillers in the same procedure, often called a "liquid face-lift." "The top half of the face is really Botox domain, while the lower part is really the filler domain," Campbell says.

"Derma fillers are different than Botox products because they fill in lines or holes, enhance features or provide contour to the jaw line as we age and provide support, structure and volume," says Sagrillo. "As we age, we lose collagen and elasticity," says Sagrillo.

Most people are candidates for Botox or derma fillers, unless they suffer from a muscular disorder. Campbell says this is a good option for young patients or people not interested in surgery.

But looking younger can be costly. Most health insurance plans do not cover injections; payment is expected at the time of service. Botox can run from $300 to $750 for your first treatment depending how many regions you have done on your face. Derma fillers can run from $550 to $3,000, depending on how many syringes of filler are used.

Eye catching home remedies

Do you look in the mirror and feel like a raccoon is staring back with your puffy eyes and dark circles to boot? There are treatments you can do at home to help lesson, and possibly alleviate, the problem. Nova Vandevoort, an aesthetician at The Well Spa, shares expert tips. If you would rather be pampered than do your own home remedy, The Well Spa offers a Lifting Eye Contour Treatment that softens fine lines and alleviates puffiness and dark circles.


Eyes can become red or irritated from allergies or from a number of medical conditions.

FIX: Placing wet cold tea bags containing chamomile and lavender on your eyes, will help. If it is a medical condition, Vandevoort suggests you see your eye doctor.

PROBLEM: Dark Circles

Food allergies, tiredness and weak capillaries can all be culprits when it comes to dark circles. "Blood will slightly seep out of a weak capillary causing the dark circle. A lot of people get that," says Vandevoort. "Tiredness can create the weakness in the capillary."

For others, it’s a hereditary issue and one they have to accept.

FIX: Do a light tapping massage around the eye area, beginning at the inner corner of the eye and moving outward to the edge of the face and down the neck.

Make sure to eat enough leafy greens. The vitamin K found in these foods helps to strengthen the capillaries. Vandevoort recommends eating the greens over taking a supplement.

You can also use cool compresses around the eyes. Soak a raw potato in ice water and place it on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. The enzymes in the potato help remove the darkness.

PROBLEM: Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes can be caused from not getting enough sleep, eating too much salt, drinking too much alcohol or from being dehydrated.

FIX: Massage around the eye to move the liquid out.

Use a moisturizing eye cream with lavender and chamomile or gel eye cream with cucumber and aloe. Place the moisturizer and gel in refrigerator — but not the freezer — to cool it.