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Vintage-inspired decorating
Itís time to pull out the boxes and untangle the lights. And while you are doing that, stop and take a look around your house. You might have more treasures than you realize when it comes to holiday decorating. Interior designers Stephanie Quinn and Dawn Adamec share their creative ideas on how to repurpose, reinvent and recycle items for one-of-a-kind holiday dťcor.

Photos by Dan Bishop

November 2012

You donít have to put all your ornaments on the tree, says Dawn Adamec, designer at Steinhafelís. She has a collection of antique ornaments she likes to display in different ways, such as placing them in a milk glass serving dish.





Dawn Adamec creates pretty wreathes by recycling old magazines.

She explains how to make a wreath: Create a donut-shape form from a piece of cardboard or with a piece of Styrofoam in the shape and size you desire to use as the base. Cut 1-inch strips from a used magazine. Wrap your base and seal with Mod Podge.  Cut additional strips from the magazine up to 1-inch in diameter that are the length of the page. Vary the width for each strip to get a more unique look. Roll each strip and with a glue gun place a dollop of glue on one end of the rolled strip.  Allow the strip to open slightly like a flower. Hold to allow the glue to set and place on base. Continue the process until the wreath is complete.

Stephanie Quinn, designer and owner of Modern Edge Design, loves vintage drinkware. "Itís a fun way to entertain," says Quinn, who adds that vintage pieces are really hot right now. Vintage drinkware and vintage bar carts, such as this Art Deco cart from the 1930s, was found at Antiques on Second. Every year Quinn makes a signature holiday drink for the season, such as this cranberry cocktail, that adds a splash of color to the merriment. 


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