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Express yourself
5 ways to flaunt your personal style


April 2013

Who says leather is just for chilly temps? The soft and supple material, which this season is available in a rainbow of colors, is a fabulous transition piece; fresh in skirts and dresses; and the perfect late-night covering. Donít want to go bold? Try a camel, cream or light-pink cropped jacket over your fave spring dress.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression ó and that holds true for your fashion choices, as well. The clothing and accessories you choose to wear on a daily basis not only express your style, but your personality and artistic point of view. However, the question is often asked: How do I make sure my style conveys my personality in a fashionable ó and respectable ó way? Here are five ways to ensure you are not only rocking your personal style to the max, but also keeping it appropriate for both work and play.

This season, unleash your fashion prowess with the versatile chain bag. Perfect for day-to-night, this ladylike-meets-street chic piece complements nearly any look. Look for bright colors to pop event your most basic jeans and T look.

1. Realize ó and embrace ó your multiple personalities. Itís OK to be a little erratic when it comes to your personal style. Some days you may feel like a vintage vixen; others like a boho chic Olsen twin. No matter what your mood, your self-expression should follow suit. Thereís also no shame in combining a few different personalities into one look: Pairing a business appropriate sheath dress with a statement necklace and colorful heels is a great way to look the part ó and feel like yourself.

2. Donít be afraid to evolve. When I look at my style over the years, thereís no question itís been an evolution. Can you relate? Your personal style isnít stagnant; itís in constant motion. Donít fight it. However, a well-heeled closet is also one where pieces work together to form a fabulous wardrobe. While styling pieces in unique ways to create your style for the day ó funky, sophisticated, cool, whatever it may be ó is the perfect way to reinvent yourself, buying individual "hero" pieces that stand out like a sore thumb is a waste of time and money. Your wardrobe should be a collection. Make it work!

From palazzo pants to skinny jeans and cropped ankle-skimmers, fun and funky patterns are all the rage this spring. Florals, island inspirations, stripes, polka dots and more were prevalent on Spring 2013 runways and are now stocked at department stores and local boutiques alike.

3. Highlight your point of view. Maybe the latest and greatest trend is a little bit country Ö but youíre a little bit rock íní roll. Itís OK to be different. Embrace your point of view. Remember: Fashion is fleeting, but style is eternal. Pay attention to trends but donít be a slave to them. (No one wants to end up as fashion road kill!) Find your perfect look, and embrace it no matter what hits the runway that season. In the end, itís all about staying true to yourself and your style.

Gucciís 2013 Resort Collection was a floral fantasy with the pretty print popping up on everything from coats to dresses and matching pants. Head-to-toe coordinated solids in pinks, blues, greens and yellows also shared the stage, reinforcing the power of color and print for 2013.

4. Dress for the body you have ó not the body you wish you had. Americans are programmed to always strive for something better: A bigger house, nicer car, better job and ó naturally ó a perfect body. But the truth of the matter is although itís incredibly important to be healthy and fit, not all of us will or can be a size 0. And ó spoiler alert ó thatís OK! Wouldnít it be ridiculously boring if we were all alike? To that end, I say: Live the life you have instead of longing for something else. Celebrate your body, your curves ó all the things that make you unique. Your body is constantly changing, and your wardrobe can roll with those changes. Live for the now.

5. Remember confidence is key. Whether you are rocking a $1,500 Chanel handbag or a $20 Target dress, the success of your look always depends on one major factor: Confidence. The ultimate accessory isnít a Cartier bracelet, Christian Louboutin stilettos or an Alexander McQueen scarf, but rather a knowing smile and confident stride. At the end of the day, the most perfectly curated wardrobe will not punctuate your style if you are unhappy with yourself. Remember, style comes from within you, not what you put on your body ó and only you can let your inner fashionista shine through!



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