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Setting the bar
Be organized at your holiday party to make it a memorable event

Photos by Dan Bishop
Styling by Stephanie Quinn

December 2013

Pour your wine into a decorative decanter instead of leaving it in the bottle, which encourages people to serve themselves. The star anise adds an organic touch to the cheese platter.


Party guests may be known to congregate in the kitchen but they will also migrate toward the bar if you have it set for holiday entertaining.

Modern Edge Designís Stephanie Quinn set up this bar and offers tips for a successful soiree that is both original and simple to prepare.

"You donít want a hodge-podge party. If itís well planned it will go more smoothly," Quinn says.


Use food as decor, such as the coffee beans and rock sugar that designer Stephanie Quinn places on the butcher block she uses as a coffee platter.




She starts by shaking up the color scheme with turquoise and a mix of browns instead of the traditional red and green. "You can find a really beautiful platter as an inspiration and work from that," Quinn says.

She also incorporates nature with juniper branches mixed with curly willow twigs, pine cones and topiary balls covered in moss.



Decorate your festive bar in the color of your choice such as turquoise and brown.




For food and drink service she suggests setting up distinct stations. "For example, donít have the wine next to your mixes for coffee drinks." Spread the stations out, some on the bar, others around the room, so people donít stay in one spot.

A variety of foods is nice, but donít overdo it. "Less is more, keep it simple," Quinn says. She suggests planning a light menu of five items.

"If people are coming to a cocktail party they donít need to overeat, they just need something small to go with their beverages," she says.   


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