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The power of personality


January 2013

Ever wondered why well-intentioned fitness resolutions fall flat by mid-March? Maybe it’s because your workout regimen doesn’t match your "fitness personality." You know, that little inner voice that motivates you to exercise. But rest easy this year, because whether you’re a weekend warrior or hard-core athlete, one of the classes below is sure to keep your interest.

If you’re all about the mind-body connection, try:

CARDIO SWORD FIGHTING — This class swaps wood batons for samurai swords, but the workout is no less intense. Sixty minutes of repetitious slashing and controlled movements will tone your upper body and core, not to mention build your endurance and improve your concentration. Find it at Elite Sports Clubs,

If you crave rapid results, try:

TRX (TOTAL RESISTANCE EXERCISE) — Used by the Navy SEALs, this revolutionary suspension training program delivers a quick and effective total body workout. Using your own body weight for resistance, you’ll challenge yourself like never before to improve strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Regardless of your age or skill level, this confidence-building class will put you on the fast track to slim, firm, toned muscles. Find it at Wisconsin Athletic Club,

If you’re tired of the usual gym routine, try:

ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP — Offered in four-week sessions, this outdoor fitness program combines exercise instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training. Packed with fun and energizing activities like obstacle courses, sports drills, hiking and jumping rope, Adventure Boot Camp will have you in ship shape in no time. Find it at Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp,

If you need a workout buddy to stay motivated, try:

WELLNESS CHALLENGE SERIES — What better way to achieve your wellness goals than the buddy system? This unique program encourages Y members to try new exercise routines and group classes, all with the support of fellow members and the Y’s Wellness Center staff. Find it at the YMCA,

If you like exercise disguised as fun, try:

Pole Dancing — Release your inner vixen and enroll in a pole fitness class. Newbies learn the art of exotic dance, including basic pole spins and floor work. Or opt for the weekend workshop, a 90-minute class that will have you strutting in your stilettos, slinking along the walls and slithering across the floor. A sexy attitude is the only must! Find it at Blush Pole Fitness & Dance, West Allis,

If you like being pushed to your limits, try:

BODY ATTACK — This sports-inspired cardio workout promises to build strength and stamina with high-energy interval training that combines athletic aerobic movements and strength and stabilization exercises. Find it at Gold’s Gym,



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