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Indy in the City


June 2013

When engines start to roar at Milwaukee IndyFest this month, the top IndyCar drivers will be on the Milwaukee Mile track, including Dario Franchitti, who spoke with M writer Mark Concannon from his home in Scotland.

M: How important is it to have the Milwaukee race on the IndyCar schedule?

DF: Having such a long history there (makes it) very important, but equally important is that itís a race for the teams and the fans; the drivers love (it). When it almost didnít happen (in 2012) there were a lot of people up in arms about it, including all the drivers because itís a place we all enjoy going to race.

M: What are the keys to doing well on that track?

DF: Itís a very challenging layout. It looks fairly simple. It looks like a corner at each end, but the corners are very, very different. Itís such a short track youíre always in traffic, whether youíre fighting guys for position or youíre lapping people. Youíre really in traffic all day in the car. It handles much differently than when youíre on your own.

M: What are your goals for this season?

DF: We had a tough start. I crashed the car in St. Pete and had a mechanical failure. We had a tough race in Alabama, but things turned for us in Long Beach. We qualified on the pole and then finished fourth. Weíre not where weíd like to be. It would be nice to peak around Indianapolis for the 500 there.


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