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Photos by Dan Bishop

June 2013

Brian Wroblewski is not a great golfer, but there are few people who are more passionate about the game.

Wroblewski became frustrated after hearing friends talk about great weekend experiences on various area courses and wondered why his golf buddies couldnít have shared those experiences by playing together. "The reality is it is a hassle to book a tee time and organize a group," says Wroblewski, who lives in the Milwaukee area and holds a respectable 17 handicap. "I could call or go online and get a tee time, but what I couldnít do was fill that group and get my friends to the course."

Out of that frustration, was born, launching in the spring of 2012. Over 10,000 golfers in more than 35 states use the site, which covers courses in 22 states with the heaviest traffic on courses in Milwaukee, Chicago and Kansas City. Golfers can book or add tee times, invite their friends to play, track their personal scores and subscribe to the USGA compliant handicap club. There is no charge to use the site, other than the handicap club ($18 per year).

Wroblewski says his website is the "Facebook and Open Table of golf," and it will generate badly needed interest among young golfers who relate to social media and the Internet. "We want to create a younger demographic, building features that young golfers want as part of the game."

Invites can be sent out via e-mail, Facebook, and, accommodating the time-honored business aspect of the game, on LinkedIn.

Wroblewski, whose background is in technology and healthcare networks, has set major goals for, expanding its overall reach and getting into league management, booking lessons with pros, gift cards and clothing. "I love it. If I can build a business around my passion, Iíll do it forever."


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