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Rebuilding the male


May 2013

More men are zapping their wrinkles and lifting their drooping eyelids. The trend is quantified in a 10 to 15 percent jump in the number of guys getting a "nip/tuck," according to several area plastic surgeons.

"More men are getting Botox, fillers and laser resurfacing. In terms of surgery, weíre seeing more men coming in for a reduction of breast tissue, miniface-lifts and eye lifts," Dr. Mark Blake, a board certified plastic surgeon with the Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery, says. "The number of guys getting chin implants for a stronger profile has skyrocketed."

Dr. Bruce Massaro, a board certified plastic surgeon who operates on eyes, says in addition to lifting the upper lids, a lot of his male patients between the ages of 40 and 50 are doing something about the "big bags" under their eyes.

Whatís driving the trend?

"Men often mention they are concerned about looking older and tired compared to what they perceive to be younger competition in their office or profession," according to Massaro.

"Itís a slippery slope because you donít want to give somebody false hope that changing their appearance will make them better (than other job candidates), but it will hopefully improve their self-confidence," Blake says.

Price of perfection

Retire your wrinkles and crows feet. Botox temporarily paralyzes muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles and costs about $326 a pop.


Make a strong first impression with a modelís profile. Man-up your chin with an implant for about $2,480.


Tired of looking tired? Lift your eyelids, removing drooping skin above and below. Blepharoplasty costs about $2,724 per eye.


Say goodbye to jowls, neck waddle, marionette lines and more by removing excess skin on the facial perimeter and lifting whatís left. A face-lift costs about $6,607.


There is no way to say it gently. Some men have boobs. A male breast reduction costs about $3,358.

*Prices reflect 2012 figures from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery on national averages for these procedures. The average costs given are for surgeon fees and do not include surgical facility, anesthesia or other related costs.


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