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Extreme Pool Party: Fox Point Edition

Photos by Doug Edmunds

May 2013

Fox Point’s tree-lined streets and quiet neighborhoods now disguise its former status as a social hub during the early 20th century when a popular golf club attracted socialites to the area. Though golf ended in the 1930s, reminders of the country club remain, such as the beach house, swimming pool and tennis courts.

David and Jane Frank are carrying on the social traditions of the country club as their property includes the club’s swimming pool and tennis courts. "When we were first looking at homes and stumbled upon this midcentury ranch, we were immediately sold on the many features that would allow for entertaining, or should I say throwing really big parties," Jane Frank says.

The 1920s swimming pool — designed by well-known architect Fitzhugh Scott — was remodeled by a previous owner, Frank says, and the high dive and low dive were removed.

With a blended family of seven children, the Franks have thrown parties for Little League, prom, graduations, engagements, birthdays and more. The pool area easily accommodates 75, Frank says. In addition to the pool, there are two full baths with showers outside, part of the home’s original 1950 design. 



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