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Flavor faves
Wisconsin cheeses star in these arrangements for your next gathering

Photos by Dan Bishop   Styling by Laurel Z    Shot on location at Bavette Le Boucherie, Milwaukee

November 2013

Fit for fall

When selecting cheeses for entertaining, Patty Peterson of Larry’s Market in Brown Deer has three simple tips:

» Limit the selection to three to five cheeses with a good balance of flavors, textures, colors, shapes and sizes.

» Vary where the milk cheeses are made from, including cow, goat and sheep milk cheese, to make sure your selections work well together.

» Sample the cheeses before you buy them.

Cheeses (back to front): La Clare Evalon with Fenugreek is a raw goat’s milk cheese with a nutty maple finish that comes from the fenugreek seed. Alpine Renegade has nutty, fruity, tangy and creamy flavors.

Dunbarton Blue combines the sharpness and tangy taste of a fine English cheddar with the bite and creaminess of a French blue cheese. Assorted olives and dried apricots, Larry’s Market. Cutting board, fork, Relics Vintage Rentals, Mequon.



Cheese meets meat

Creating a tasty cheese and charcuterie plate is all about variety, says Karen Bell, co-owner of Bavette Le Boucherie, Milwaukee. "Have lots of variety in textures, flavors and types of milk," she says. "The most important factor is to have similar levels of flavor intensity — you do not want the cheese to overpower the salami or vice versa."

Cheeses (clockwise from top left) Carr Valley Cave Aged Cardona, a nutty, creamy goat’s milk cheese, paired with coppa (cured pork neck) from Underground Meats (top). Both have comparable nuttiness and complexity that make them a good match.

Roelli Red Rock, an aged cheddar with strains of hand-injected blue cheese. The cheese has a mild flavor and creamy texture that pairs well with apples, pears, nuts, stout beers and red wine. The cheese is strong enough to stand up to the chile and cocoa notes in the Bolzano pitzotl salami (center).

Holland’s Farm Marieke Golden, a cow’s milk Gouda style cheese aged for 60 days. It is semisoft, creamy and buttery, with nutty notes with hints of sweet fruit. Pairs well with spiced nuts, honey, dried fruit and the Tuscan salami from Underground Meats (bottom). Also pictured: Potter’s crackers from Bavette.

Game time

Fresh, not aged, cheeses make up the rustic-inspired plate from Clock Shadow Creamery, Milwaukee. Cheeses (clockwise from top left): Sharp Yellow Cheddar, Quark and Squeaks cheese curds. The Quark is a mild and light, spreadable German style cheese that complements bagels and is good for baking. Squeaks are available within hours of production at the Milwaukee cheese factory. Board and fork, Relics Vintage Rentals, Mequon. Wine from Bavette Le Boucherie, Milwaukee. m




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