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Rebounding to health
This new workout burns plenty of calories and is easy on the joints

Photos by Dan Bishop

November 2013

It burns more calories than running, strengthens the bodyís core and posture and has been hailed by some as the perfect workout. Cardiolates combines jumping, or "rebounding" on a mini-trampoline with a Pilates routine.

Patty McNichols, a veteran personal trainer who studied exercise physiology at San Diego State and Arizona State, has owned Lift Pilates in Fox Point since 2005. She introduced Cardiolates at her club after seeing the workout in New York.

"You start by standing on the floor for a warm-up," McNichols says. "Then you go up on the rebounder (trampoline) and slowly jump and stretch, eventually jumping up and down for six to eight minutes."

"Then you get down on the mat for the first interval of Pilates."

The cycle is repeated two or three times during the 50-minute workout, which McNichols says can burn up to 600 calories and leaves a lot of people with smiles on their faces.

"Everyone laughs. With all of that jumping, you feel like a kid again. And we jump pretty high sometimes."

McNichols, a former triathlete, says Cardiolates is a terrific alternative to running for people looking for major cardio work without the major impact on feet, knees and hips."Rebounding absorbs seven-eighths of the shock to the skeletal system compared to running on the pavement."

McNichols says anyone of any age (there are several 60-somethings in her class) can practice Cardiolates and she offers a pay-per-class set up for those aspiring rebounders who want to give it a try.

"I think everyone should be rebounding. Itís that good for you and itís fun. We need to get out of our chairs; if itís fun this will help."

McNichols has seen plenty of exercise programs come and go throughout her career but feels Cardiolates is here to stay. "I donít think this will be a fad. Itís easy on the joints. There are a lot of great health benefits. Itís a great thing, especially if youíre getting older."




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