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Balance your chakra


October 2013

If you are feeling out of balance, chances are one or more of your seven chakras need some attention.

"A chakra is a energy center in your body that correlates to different accepts of your physical, emotional and spiritual self," explains Zuzia Jarzebska, a massage therapist and esthetician with Neroli Salon & Spa. Our bodies have seven chakras and Aveda has developed seven chakra sprays, each spray having an aroma blend that helps you connect you to that specific chakra.

"The sprays are designed to be a tool for meditation or spiritual practice," says Jarzebska. A person would mist the spray around them then sit quietly for a few minutes. It can also be used as a body spray before you start your day. "If you have that aroma around you, that aroma is absorbing into your body and it will have more of a grounding effect on you as you go through your day," says Jarzebska.


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