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Fall closet makeover
What to keep, what to toss - and the key pieces to add now

Photography by Dan Bishop

September 2013

Bright blue is a standout color choice this season in both clothing and accessories. Make it pop by pairing it with black.

Itís that time of year again. The month where you look at your summer clothing and wonder what you can possibly still wear into fall ó and open your dreaded spare closet to see what trends you can reintroduce from the year before. But the task of organizing your closet for fall doesnít have to be daunting. The key is to identify which pieces to keep, which to donate and what you need to purchase to create the perfect, well-rounded fall 2013 wardrobe. And weíve done the work for you!

Whatís In

Bright Blue, Winter White and Gray

While 2012 saw a return to rich tones like oxblood, burgundy and fiery red, this season itís all about the cool tones of blue, gray and winter white. Vibrant blues are found on a variety of statement-making pieces this season, with gray and white acting as the new neutrals. Men can go bold with a blue velvet jacket or subtle with pops of the color in accessories. And the gray suit will be a staple of fall and winter menswear. The great news? All three colors are wonderful on all skin tones.

Embellishment and Fur

Many of you probably have a closet full of "bells and whistles" garments after last year began an ushering in of opulence. This season continues the glamorous statement with embellishments everywhere ó especially on accessories like footwear and statement necklaces. And you canít go wrong with fur in all of its luxe forms, from coats and neckwear to details on dresses and shoes.

This look from designer Jason Wuís Fall 2013 runway presentation in New York walks the line of tough and feminine by pairing black and white with chic textures of fur and leather.

Color Blocking and Bold Pattern

These trends have only gained momentum the past few years and will not be going anywhere soon. Color blocking, with its form-flattering optical illusion, is a favorite of women of all shapes and sizes. Bold patterns are hot this season for men and women, with ethnic inspirations leading the way.

Everything Leather

Itís beyond sexy ó and it was all over the runways for Fall 2013. Leather is the ultimate fabric for both men and women this season, from dresses to jackets, skirts, pants and everything in between. If real leather is out of your price range, consider vegan, which mimics the supple nature without the expense. For a fresh take, try leather for day in black, winter white or taupe.

Fall fashion isnít for shrinking violets ó so go bold with a major print. Whether mixing with a contrasting print or wearing with a neutral, you will be on your way to pattern perfection.

High Boots and Patterned Tights

Over-the-knee and knee-height boots just might edge the akle boot for the "it" footwear of the season. (But donít fret ankle book fans, the hipster faze isnít moving to the "out list" anytime soon.) Pair high boots with patterned tights for shorter hemlines, or even a knee-high knit legging for a funky edge. Patterned tights are replacing opaque black for special occasion and daywear ó and are a great way to add flare to a little black (or gray) dress this season.

Ditch the basic summer sandals and embrace fallís top footwear: boosts. The look is hot with contrasting colors and show-stopping adornments.

Whatís Out

Burgundy: The hottest color of 2012, this year red hues are replaced by vibrant blues.

Military: Influences will still be popping up here and there, but overall a return to glamour is on the horizon.

Jumpsuits: Still strong in the summer months, but fading out for fall.

Platform Heels: Replaced by pointy-toe and stacked heels this season.

Contrasting or Adorned Collars: Being phased out like secondhand news.

Red Tartan: The "cabin" casual of 2012 is now fresh in rich neutrals and ethnic-inspired prints.



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