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Mosaic Masterpiece
Three decades of care and dedication result in a wash of beautiful color on the shores of Beaver Lake

Photos by Doug Edmunds

September 2013

The metal sculpture is displayed along the top of the hill facing the lake. The pheasants are representative of Jim Liebertís love for pheasant hunting.

Jim Liebert can tell you every detail of his 2.5-acre property on Beaver Lake. For more than 30 years he and his wife, Cathy, have diligently nurtured the land, transforming it into a plethora of beautiful gardens containing an even blend of perennials and annuals growing in the ground and in 100 containers sprinkled across the property.

"Gardening is like putting a mosaic together ó itís color and texture, anyone can do it," says Jim Liebert.

That may be the case, but it requires a lot of time and continual care ó all which Liebert loves to do. "Iím not done as long as Iím alive," laughs Liebert. "Itís not labor to me, itís tranquility."

The certified master gardener designs the flower beds and chooses his plants and flowers, while Cathy helps with the weeding, watering and deadheading. "I canít walk past a plant without picking at it," says Cathy Liebert.

She loves all the color and different greens in their yard and is resigned to the fact that this is Jimís passion and he will spend 20 hours or more a week during the springtime prepping the yard.

"He developed a love for gardens and he loved to get his hands in fresh dirt and thatís how it all started," she says.

Besides planting thousands of flowers over the years, the couple has picked up rocks at friendsí yards, brought them home in a trailer and carried them one by one to form rock gardens and perimeters for beds.

"I knew I married the right lady when I had a little trailer and we would go over to my buddyís and pick rocks," he says.

It may be hard labor, but Jim loves the multiple benefits it provides including his guaranteed weight loss every spring and the challenge of nurturing plants.

"I may be the master in my garden, but the plants hold the final verdict. They do what they can do and not necessarily what I want them to do," says Liebert. m


The lake garden house was built many years ago and perches along the shoreline. The sign above the door was purchased at an auction of a former Moose Lake resort.

Liebert stores his garden supplies in a 135-year-old barn that was once part of a farm on Beaver Lake. The Lieberts recently replaced the weathervane with a Beaver proudly representing the lake they live on.

Boaters are greeted by more than 40 different varieties of perennials and annuals gracing the hillside at the Liebert home.


Cathy and Jim Liebert work together at the potting station set up on the side of their house.


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