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Inside the design
Pretty patio built to withstand Wisconsin climate

Photos by  Atelier

September 2013

Beneath its comfortable and dreamy exterior, this outdoor getaway is tough as nails, from the heavy duty drapery fabric to the PVC potted faux wheat grass. "We made sure everything was designed and manufactured to withstand the elements," says interior designer Nicholas Konzal of Nicholas Carl Design.

The draperies are hung on custom-made rods and create a softness within the space. Itís a sophisticated reprieve from the pool located just to the right of the patio. "Itís a place to recharge your batteries and hang out on the weekend," Konzal says. "Itís sleek and modern and natural."

Netting over the top of the pergola cuts the sunís rays by 60 percent. Outdoor furniture ordered from New York and rug complete the room-like feel.

Create your own haven

Block the sunís rays but not the light with transparent netting.

Outdoor drapes evoke aromantic mood.

Furniture thatís both comfortable and stylish make an outdoor room authentic.

Greenery and pillows add color.

A rug anchors the "room."



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