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The Bachelor

Photos by Dan Bishop

March  2013

The Milwaukee Bucksí Luc Richard Mbah a Moute loves his Milwaukee neighborhood. Itís close to downtown and work and the always interesting Brady Street. "I like to walk to the lake when itís nice or jog there, too," he says.

Inside his condo, the lounge area between the living room and kitchen is where Mbah a Moute and friends chill. When his motherís in town, itís the landing spot for favorite dishes from his native Cameroon.

M: Do you use the kitchen?

LRMM: It depends on if my mother is here. If she is here, itís in use 24-7.

M: How does this space reflect who you are?

LRMM: I love African art. I have a mixture of modern and African art. The elephants and the boat are made of ebony, a very precious wood in Africa. I have African masks and statues also made out of ebony.

M: If your twin brother, Emmanuel Bidias, lived here, what would the space look like?
LRMM: He probably would have had everything as simple as possible. Lots of steel, more modern. Iím a more fashion-forward, arty person.

M: How does your home compare to that of other Bucksí players?

LRMM: Mine is just very different in the way I put stuff together. I have a lot of pieces you wouldnít find at other peopleís houses. Itís unique in its own way with the mixture of different art: African, European, French and American.


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