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Monday brunch

Photos by Dan Bishop

February 2014

Palominoís creamed collard greens with smoked ham and poached egg.

Stuffed hash browns. Apple turnover bread pudding French toast. Fried chicken and waffles. Brunch. Itís not just for Sundays anymore.

"The number of restaurants that are focusing on brunch nationally has grown exponentially," says Dan Sidner, who co-owns Blueís Egg with chef Joe Muench. "Itís a combination of empty nesters and baby boomers having more time on their hands and young people who work at odd-hour jobs, whether theyíre in the service industry or have computer-based jobs where they can work anywhere."

Blueís Egg serves up brunch seven days a week, but after the weekends, the two busiest days are Monday and Friday.

The idea for a Monday brunch was something chef David Kressin and his partner/fiancťe April Woelfel had in mind before they opened The Noble two years ago. "Having worked in the service industry, I didnít have time to go our for nice dinners or Sunday brunches, as I was either working or sleeping off working on Saturday. I always wanted to have a restaurant that offered Monday brunch," Kressin says.

The service industry focus was the reason why Valeri Lucks and her brother, Adam, decide to expand Palominoís brunch to Monday. "Monday brunch is more relaxed and itís a little calmer than a Sunday brunch. Itís easier to get in, and you donít feel guilty taking up a table for a couple of hours because thereís not a huge line out the door," she says.

Blueís Egg

Eggs Benedict goes upscale with a homemade English muffin, slow-roasted ham instead of Canadian bacon and a from-scratch, homemade Hollandaise sauce. "Thatís our single most popular dish," Sidner says.

Hash browns are stuffed with different cheeses, vegetables and meats, and thereís always a special stuffed brown of the day. Items on the changing specials list have included savory pastries, homemade sausages, duck meat, duck eggs and an omelet with slow-cooked lamb, Gouda and roasted tomatoes.

317 N. 76th St., (414) 299-3180,

The Noble

The menu is dictated by what is fresh and in season. The ever-changing pancakes offering, called From the Griddle, features wonders such as mashed plantain pancakes topped with a toasted almond caramel syrup and pumpkin and spice pancakes. The open-faced, breakfast meatloaf sandwich is made with homemade meatloaf, grilled sourdough ciabatta bread, eggs and topped with sausage gravy and a side of kale and cheesy hash browns. "Right now, itís my favorite thing," Kressin says. 704 S. 2nd St., (414) 243-4997,


Palomino has done away with regular hash browns, instead serving up a cheesy hash brown casserole. "The cheesy hash browns you get at Cracker Barrel was our inspiration from the road trips we took as children," Valeri Lucks says. "I had to make a rule for myself that I can only eat it once a month because itís so wonderful, so good, but not that good for you."

Palomino also serves up a beet and brisket hash thatís made with beef brisket smoked right in the restaurantís smoker. Chicken and waffles and breakfast tacos are also both quite popular. 2491 S. Superior St., (414) 747-1007,


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