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Our Olympics
Favorite events for the winter games with a hometown twist

Illustration by Drew Maxwell

February 2014

With our legendary winters and world-famous gemutlichkeit, Milwaukee should be an obvious choice to host a future Winter Games. But if we can’t get the attention of the International Olympic Committee, perhaps we should host our own Olympics — Milwaukee style.

• Milwaukee’s favorite sledding hill would be a picturesque spot for ski jumping, with extra points for toting a frosty mug of Sprecher’s Winter Lager during the jump.

• Who needs an indoor ice arena when Lake Michigan and Veterans Park is in your front yard — consider it figure skating with an edge in the unpredictable elements of Wisconsin winter. To add to the ratings, replace commentator Scott Hamilton with participants from the Polar Bear Plunge.

• For this all-outdoor games, move speedskating from the Pettit National Ice Center to the lagoon along Lincoln Memorial Drive. With Colectivo nearby, cups of hot joe would be easily accessible for both competitors and spectators.

• The boulevard along Lincoln Memorial Drive would create a nice venue for curling competition. Traffic in two directions would add an extra element of difficulty to this game that’s been described as "chess on ice."

• We could see the Summerfest Grounds transformed into a half-pipe track for the bobsled event, with bands strategically located on the site of the world’s largest music festival.

• The Flying Tomato would be licking his chops at the prospect of snowboarding off those famous Calatrava wings at the Milwaukee Art Museum.


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