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Looking for a new scent? Borrow from your man and make you own

Photos by Dan Bishop

February 2014

Combining a woman’s pefume with a man’s cologne is one way to create your own unique scent. "Men’s fragrances tend to be more pronounced in the wood, moss and aromatic notes that are found to a lesser degree in many women’s fragrances," says Rosemary Escamilla of Boston Store. "Layering on a man’s fragrance with some of these notes can intensify the woman’s more subtle notes. Many women who are not fond of floral fragrances will wear a man’s fragrance and complement it with a light floral as well.

"In some cases women will layer on their partner’s fragrance as a way to be close to him when they are apart. I had a customer tell me that after 20 years of marriage, she only liked the scent created by the combination of what they both wore," says Escamilla.

"There is no right or wrong way in how to wear a personal fragrance. A woman should not be afraid to step out of the box and express herself in a creative way through a scent. The addition of a male’s cologne to a woman’s perfume can truly help a woman make a statement and boost her confidence," says Jhousy Leon, owner of blush (a beauty boutique).

Diptyque Do Sone & Odin 08

blush (a beauty boutique), Third Ward and Mequon

Woman: Diptyque Do Son — white floral, creamy + Man: Odin 08 — bergamot, bitter orange

Together: The combination of these two scents creates an aroma that gives an impression of soft, subtle and professional.

Poppy by Coach & L1212 Blanc

Boston Store, various locations

Woman: Poppy by Coach — citrus, lychee, lilly and jasmine + Man: L1212 Blanc — grapefruit, rosemary, ylang ylang, cedar and leather

Together: The combination of the fruit, aromatics and leather is both fresh and warm. Imagine a lush green rain forest.

Bond No.9 Highline & Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood

blush (a beauty boutique)

Woman: Bond No. 9 Highline — wildflower, green grass + Man: Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood — citrus, cedarwood

Together: This is an interesting combination because you mix the fresh, floral scent from the Highline with the musky smell from the Sandalwood creating a sweet and spicy aroma.

Frangi Pane el Coccon & Truefitt & Hill 1805

blush (a beauty boutique)

Woman: Frangi Pane el Coccon — tropical, floral + Man: Truefitt & Hill 1805 — fresh, oceanic

Together: The aroma of these smells combined immediately comes off as crisp and clean.

Viva la Juicy & Legend by Monte Blanc

Boston Store, various locations

Woman: Viva la Juicy — honeysuckle, jasmine, gardenia, amber, vanilla and sandalwood + Man: Legend by Monte Blanc — bergamot, pineapple leaf, sandalwood and Tonka bean

Together: The wood and floral combination of jasmine, vanilla, Tonka beans and sandalwood will create an elegantly warm fragrance. Imagine a warm tropical island.



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