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Head of the class


January 2014

Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone has been called a human exclamation point, which is an accurate description, provided the exclamation point is ripped, charismatic, positive and bursting with never-ending stores of energy.

Stone, a 1998 Whitefish Bay graduate, is the CEO of Lacey Stone Fitness, and a frequent guest on "Good Morning America," "The Dr. Oz Show" and MTV. In 2012, she wrote an online guest column for the New York Times and in 2013 she was featured in The Wall Street Journal.

Her celebrity roster of clients has included Nicole Kidman, Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields. She is based in Los Angeles where she leads fitness classes at Flywheel Sports.

She is probably best known for creating TheBigGame! and BOOTYCamp! classes, both of which, naturally, have an exclamation point. The BigGame! draws on her sports background and is divided into four quarters and designed to feel more like a game than workout. BOOTYCamp! takes people out of the gym ó and their comfort zone ó and into the streets and parks where the only equipment is their body.

So just how in the world did Stone, who played Division I basketball at the University of Maine and graduated summa cum laude with a major in psychology and a minor in political science, end up preaching the fitness gospel? "I was always fascinated with the mental toughness side of sports," she says. "Itís about passion, patience and persistence. Once itís in your mind, the body falls into place."

Stone learned to excel at a young age as an athlete and student growing up in Whitefish Bay. "Whitefish Bay is no joke when it comes to academics. Thereís a lot of pressure but itís a great place to grow up because everyone is working so hard to be the best they can be with support from their parents," Stone says. "Itís a fantastic place to raise a family."

After college, Stone returned to Milwaukee and took a temporary job as a production assistant with MTV for the 2002 All-Star Game at Miller Park. She did so well that they asked her to work full time in New York City.

Stone fell in love with New York and she started teaching fitness classes at Equinox to pay for her membership. She quickly became one of the most popular trainers in town, and a new career was born. So instead of working behind the scenes in production, she was now leading fitness classes and quickly becoming a go-to source for broadcast and print media.

Stone also is a motivational speaker, and her speaking engagements have included companies such as Nike, Google and Gatorade.

In 2011 she moved to Los Angeles and her career continued to take off. One of her regulars in class is Jesse German, a celebrity hairstylist, who attended Whitefish Bay Middle School with Stone.

"I remembered Lacey as this tomboy basketball player, and when I saw her in class she was this ripped, beautiful trainer," German says. "The best way I can describe her class is that itís challenging but she makes it really fun. She almost tricks you into working harder because you feel like youíre playing a game."

Stone embraces social media and describes herself as resident A** Kicker and Mega Motivator on Twitter; she tweets from @LaceyStoneFit where she has more than 31,000 followers. She also blogs at

Ask Stone to pick a career highlight to date and sheís more focused on looking ahead.

"Iím blessed and grateful to be able to lead classes and try and help people lead a more positive life," she says. "I donít think thereís anything more rewarding. The best is yet to come."


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