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To Hollywood, with Love


January 2014

Who would have guessed that Milwaukee has its finger on the pulse of whatís hot in Hollywood?

Since May, Russell Levin and his staff at Argosy, a distinctive home accessories store in Brookfield, have been selecting birthday and holiday gifts for the staff and stars of the AMC network. In October, the team put together gifts for the Hollywood Foreign Press, which holds the annual Golden Globes awards, on behalf of AMC.

The relationship evolved last spring when a close friend referred Levin to a relative who works for the AMC network. Levin says the network was looking to amp up its gift-giving program.

"They wanted gift ideas that were more creative," Levin says. "They had been doing mainly techie gifts like iPads and iTunes gift cards."

After a series of interviews, AMC awarded Levin and his staff the role of official gift-givers. Now armed with a calendar of birthdays, the Argosy team picks out gifts whenever the occasion arises. "Itís been very interesting," Levin says.

A lot of thought goes into choosing gifts, with the Argosy staff carefully researching each recipient. Levin says the network provides direction as well.

So what gifts are making the Hollywood hot list? One beer-loving actor received a set of pilsner glasses and a beer-of-the-month club membership. Another popular item is a beverage dispenser set in a block of cobbled granite sent with a bottle of spirits. "That seems to be one of our hits," says Levin. "But itís really been all over the board, from beautiful vases to fragrances.

"Itís a neat thing for a little store in Brookfield," Levin says.



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