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Hardware Heroes


 July 2014

When Pamela Anderson was designing her kitchen, she thought there was a lack of appealing handles and pulls for cabinets. "I wanted something stunning, but everything was ho-hum," the artist says.

Then, paging through a design magazine, she saw the exact pull she wanted. She traced the architect mentioned in the article to the West Coast, called him and learned he had purchased 12 pulls at a London flea market, but there werenít any more.

Her engineer husband, Steven Kaishian, wasnít daunted. He worked up a sketch, and Contemporary Pull was born. Kaishian, who has 16 U.S. approved electrical engineering patents, says, "Hardware hasnít evolved in decades. Contemporary Pulls are completely flush with the door. Our hardware is so different from everything else that weíve been able to patent it."

"Our hardware can be put anywhere," Anderson says, "in the living room as well as kitchen and bath. Itís jewelry for cabinetry."

The couple debuted the Contemporary Pull collections at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York City in March, to great reviews. "We heard consistently that it was a genius design, brilliant, and filled a niche in the market," Anderson says. They also attended the Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles last month.

The hardware is manufactured in Milwaukee ó something that was important to both of them. Sustainability was another goal. "We were excited to keep our footprint smaller," Anderson says. "Because we havenít had to go outside Milwaukee to achieve manufacturing, we arenít using energy to transport materials. All the companies we work with have sustainable environmental processes." M



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