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Search the state on behalf of food lovers everywhere

March 2014

Longtime Milwaukee-area writers and M Magazine contributors Martin Hintz and Pam Percy have penned a new book, "Food Lovers’ Guide to Wisconsin," released earlier this year by Globe Pequot Press. In addition to listings of trendy restaurants and landmark establishments, the book includes food festivals, culinary events, farmers markets and specialty food shops in each region. It’s a must-have resource for travelers and residents alike. Here, Hintz shares some insights about the book.

1. The book covers the whole state. What were your criteria for "making the cut?"

Since Wisconsin has so many interesting, exciting and fun restaurants it was certainly a challenge to scope out such a range of eateries. But we’ve been covering the state for many years doing assorted publishing projects, as well as always being on the hunt for great food. In addition to hitting new places on our research expeditions and updating info we already had collected, we utilized tips and suggestions from friends in the tourism and foodie world, agriculture industry groups, the Wisconsin Farm Bureau and folks we trusted to give us the scoop on their favorite places. We’d then follow up on these leads.

2. How did you narrow the list?

We wanted to be sure we included places that ranged from ma-and-pa restaurants to fine-dining establishments. I know we could write several more volumes from additional sites we wished we could have included, especially since we are finding new eateries all the time. Drawing on our experiences writing about chefs and restaurants for M Magazine was also a definite plus, giving us a leg up on the culinary scene in our hometown.

3. What are some of your favorite experiences from writing the book?

It’s always fun to meet the chef, the creator of a meal or even a restaurant owner. Most culinary types are glad to hear how you like your meal or what you enjoyed about a particular dish. This adds to the overall experience; you can even pick up great tips on food prep by asking how something is prepared.

4. If you had to pick one place as your all-time favorite, what would it be?

We’d always vote for our favorite as wherever we are at the time. Each place has its own personality and "flavor."

5. As such experienced travelers and dining authors, do you have any dining-out advice for the less-traveled?

Be sure to try a new place every so often, even if you enjoy visiting your favorite places. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised with what you’ll discover by stepping out of the tried-and-true. Even a hole-in-the-wall can provide a marvelous dining experience.


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