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March 2014

Jesse German with actress Brittany Snow.

The origin of Jesse Germanís career as a celebrity hairstylist can be traced back to a receptionist job in high school at a salon and beauty store at Bayshore Mall (now Bayshore Town Center).

"I was fascinated watching the stylists," says German, who grew up in Whitefish Bay and is a 1998 graduate of Milwaukee High School of the Arts. "I would pull from their techniques and (help) my friends with (their) hair."

After college and a stint as an entertainment publicist, German decided he needed a more creative profession. He commuted daily 90 minutes ó each way ó for one year to attend the Paul Mitchell The School in Orange County.

Now he makes his living as a stylist at Jeffrey-Kara Salon in West Hollywood, and is becoming increasingly well-known for his work with celebrities. He vividly remembers the first time he worked with actress Tara Reid in 2006.

Jesse German with actress Brittany Snow and actress Zoey Deutch.

"I drove to her house in Marina del Rey and my hands were shaking I was so nervous," German says with a smile. "It turned out great."

Then there was the time he worked with pop star Katy Perry. When Perry learned that it was his birthday, she insisted on opening a bottle of champagne. "It was the best birthday present ever," German says.

Another memorable client was Jessica Pare, who came in before auditioning for a three-episode arc on "Mad Men." Pare was considering dying her hair dark brown. Germanís response? "Absolutely, you should do it. You can always put in extensions and lighten it." "Mad Men" fans now know Pare as Megan Calvet, the second wife of lead character Don Draper.

German is often asked to help celebrities prepare for red carpet events such as the Golden Globes. This year, he did the hair for a producer of the award-winning film "American Hustle."

"As a hair stylist, it is so exciting to see people looking at your work on the red carpet," he says. "I love the opportunity (to help) tell a fashion story."

Tips and trends from Jesse German

Be Yourself: Itís important to pick a hairstyle you are comfortable in. Something thatís "you."

Trends: I always like waves for spring/summer. Itís a more relaxed and laid-back look that appears as if your hair is effortless. Ponytails are going to be big this year. Whether high or low, they are sexy but still sophisticated. Windswept may be a big thing this year. Kate Beckinsale had a great one at the Golden Globes. It almost looked like she just took her messy tousled hair and stuck a couple pins in it to make a last-minute chignon. It was playful and effortless but still very chic. Big waves will be in. Make sure to wrap the hair but donít clamp it at the ends, instead hold the ends so they look a bit undone. This style can be a great base for a second-day textured high pony. To give it something different, try a leather shoestring around the elastic ó this will add to the bohemian look.

On Top Knots: I love a good top knot. It ties in with this undone and effortless look. However, I think there is a time and a place for a top knot. I think it can be great for an everyday look or even a cocktail event, but I think a proper bun is more suitable for a formal event. The top knot is a great casual updo.

YouTube Inspiration: YouTube has some great do-it-yourself videos. I really love Johnny Lavoyís how-to videos because he re-creates some of the looks we see on the red carpet, and shows you the simplest way to re-create it. Some of his updos only take minutes.

Hair Kit Must-haves: UNITE volumizing Root Spray, Kerastase Volumizing Mousse (people think mousse ended in the í80s but itís one of the best foundations for a killer blow-out), Unite Aragan Oil, Redken 23 Hairspray (a life-changer; holds, but can easily be brushed back out or touched throughout the day), Pureology Gloss Spray, Unite Gloss Drops and Redken Quick Tease gives anyone amazing volume without having to tease the hair; if you tease the hair, the volume holds for days.




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