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Cool therapy gains in popularity


May 2014

Modern spas have traditionally used heat to de-stress and detoxify, but lately the health and wellness industry has been favoring cold therapies to bring relief and relaxation to clients.

"Using hot and cold is nothing new in spa therapy ó itís been around for thousands of years," says Jean Kolb, director of wellness for Kohler Co. "But itís something thatís trending right now."

In May, Kohler Waters Spa introduced the Kohler Kur, which derives its name from the German word for health or cure. During the 80-minute service, clients are swathed in a therapeutic cool resting wrap designed to stimulate the bodyís healing response.

"The service is designed to relieve fatigue, boost the immune system and increase your bodyís natural metabolic responses," says Kolb.

Kolb says the 80-minute healing experience is intended for the "spa adventurist."

"Itís exhilarating," she adds.

Also new to the Kohler spa menu is the Detox Deílight, a full-body massage that alternates the use of cool and warm stones handpicked from Lake Superior. The 50-minute experience incorporates warming and cooling massage oils and scents leaving guests feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

"Itís a good detoxifying treatment," says Kolb.

Cool Killing Fat Cells

Other spas in the Milwaukee area are using cold therapy to eliminate hard-to-fight body fat. Developed by Harvard scientists as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction, Coolsculpting uses a cooling process to target and kill fat cells under the skin.

Gail Coleman of Estetika, one of only two licensed Coolsculpting studios in the Milwaukee area, says the best candidates for the service are those within 10 to 15 pounds of their goal weight or those with areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise. From muffin tops to love handles to tummy pooches to inner and outer thighs, pretty much any trouble spot can be treated.

"Itís great for targeting those areas that you canít exercise away," says Chris Zajdel of Skiin in Waukesha.

Those looking simply to firm up can benefit from a single treatment. But for clients seeking more defined body sculpting, several treatments may be necessary.

"Patients may see a noticeable reduction immediately, but it can be several weeks before the full effects of the procedure are realized," says Zajdel.

And unlike traditional liposuction, thereís no downtime involved with Coolsculpting.

"People can resume normal activities the same day," says Coleman.


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