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Burger blitz

Photos by Dan Bishop

October 2014

Milwaukee restaurants serve up some pretty spectacular burgers. Most of these tasty patties feature cheese, a good bun and maybe some onions or mushrooms. But some places go crazy with wild flavors and exotic ingredients. Here are some of the most unusually delicious burgers.

Mac ín Cheese Burger, Burkeís Lakeside in Summit and Burkeís Irish Castle in Milwaukee: A half-pounder topped with a five-cheese blend mac ín cheese, some raw onions and spicy brown mustard. Itís comfort food + bun = cheeseburger in paradise.,

Sconnie, also at Burkeís: It starts out with a patty and American cheese, and thatís placed on shredded lettuce mixed with ranch dressing. Atop that goes a brat patty smothered with cheese curds and caramelized onions, and itís finished off with sauerkraut and spicy porter mustard. Such messy goodness, you might need a fork.

The Singapore, Cafť LuLu, Milwaukee: This delightful burger gets seasoned with lemon, pepper and curry before itís topped with spicy sweet pepper, scallion and cucumber relish. Fusion burger, here we come.

The Conway, Sobelmanís, Milwaukee: Sobelmanís regular burgers always top the list of Milwaukeeís best burgers, and this Menomonee Valley destination serves them up in many ways, but one of the most exotic variations is the Conway. A Sobelmanís patty and habanero cheese get cozy with pork belly, smoked bacon, barbecue sauce and coleslaw. This is a pork loverís dream burger.

The Brunch Burger, Sobelmanís, Milwaukee: This breakfast baby gets topped with colby marble jack cheese, bacon, smoked ham, onions fried in beer, hash brown patty and a fried egg. You donít need a buffet if you order this burger.

Stuffed Grass-fed Burger, Cafť Centraal, Milwaukee: This half-pounder is rubbed with herbs, stuffed with garlic and blue cheese, and topped with sun-dried tomato pesto and smoked shitake mushrooms. Order a side of roasted garlic aioli for dipping deliciousness.



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