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Photos by Matt Haas

April 2015

Deviled eggs. Who hasn’t enjoyed them at reunions, community picnics and of course, as the culinary solution to leftovers from Easter egg hunting?

But this classically creamy dish has gotten a makeover, and many chefs see basic, hard-boiled eggs as the starting point from which to paint a very tasty picture. Caviar, prosciutto, curry and other creative ingredients are combined with the traditional ingredients of mayonnaise, mustard and egg yolks, elevating this humble snack into savory, crave-able treats. And they’re treats that pack a lot of punch into what can disappear in just two or three bites.

Trend-wise, this gussied up Grandma dish started appearing in restaurants on the coasts and in Chicago about six years ago, but unlike many food trends, deviled eggs have staying power. Partly because they are at once familiar, yet excitingly new, and they’re great as sharable small plates. High-end deviled eggs started showing up on Milwaukee’s dining scene within the past year, and more and more chefs are experimenting. Here are five out-of-the-ordinary eggs.

Jake’s Restaurant

Truffled Deviled Eggs Creamy egg yolks mixed with delicate truffle oil and "piment d’espelette" or sweet, hot, red peppers from France? The combination is heady. Can we say ooh, la, la?

The Vanguard

Deviled Egg of the DayChef Shay Linkus’ deviled egg creations include some tasty and interesting ingredients — bacon, kimchi and curry, to name a few. Linkus’ eggs taste great as a snack to go along with Vanguard’s carefully curated cocktails, but they also taste perfect paired with his inventive sausages.










Polonez Restaurant

Deviled Eggs a la Russe Perfectly cooked egg yolks are mixed with sautéed onions and mushrooms before they’re topped with a curl of smoked salmon and black caviar. Decadent and delicious, it’s hard to eat just one. For variety, try the eggs a la Polonaise — same base but topped with bacon instead of salmon and caviar.









Bavette La Boucherie

Smoked Trout Deviled EggsMilwaukee’s butcher shop/cafe also makes smoked trout deviled eggs. These eggs are veritable, edible artwork. Just a touch of horseradish and smoked trout-mixed eggs are topped with little globules of light-colored caviar.










Ale Asylum Riverhouse

Seven-Layer Deviled EggsThis isn’t your mama’s deviled egg, nor is it your grandma’s seven- layer salad. These eggs have delicious character, layered with carrots, pickled onions, peas, crispy prosciutto, Sartori Parmesan and Clock Shadow cheddar and just a touch of sriracha sauce. They’re served on an ample bed of watercress.



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