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The mustache man

Photos by Matt Haas

December 2015

James McMahon’s mustache has landed him a sponsorship with Remington Trimmers.

You’ve got to imagine James McMahon in his Riverwest bathroom every morning, checking the mirror for new growth in his Bernie Brewer-esque mustache. Let others trim? Not McMahon. He eases the new sprouts into the burly growth, just so. Two mighty twists to the handles, a spritz of Big Sexy Super Hold hairspray to stiffen them, and McMahon is on his way.

He takes care of business at his restaurant, The Bay in Whitefish Bay. After hours, McMahon cuts loose, singing lead on his rendition of Springsteen’s "Born to Run" with the band The Form. He’s been rocking that gig with his friends for 23 years.

But on competition days, McMahon and his mustache really take center stage. In each national and international mustache contest he enters, McMahon finishes close to the top, including this year’s world championships in Austria. But in 2014, he returned home from New Orleans with the coveted title of National Hungarian Mustache Champion. The award was impressive enough to win him a sponsorship by Remington Trimmers’ "Beard Boss" promotional campaign.

What’s next for Milwaukee’s Mr. Mustache? He’s working on his goatee, he says, "and my wife won’t let me cut it."



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